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The road to Long Island was a veritable parking lot and so I read and worked on my iPad and looked over my lecture notes. The synagogue, B'nai Sholom-Bet David was large and impressive, the Sisterhood women were very warm and welcoming—but it was freezing. We had to wear our coats. After I spoke, the questions came hard and fast. Many were endearingly personal: Where did you go to school in Brooklyn, did you know so-and-so, where did you meet your Afghan husband, what did you parents think-- what did they say when you left for Afghanistan, did you ever ask your husband why he took you there? Some questions were on the issues raised by the book: Do you think that America in Afghanistan has been able to help women and humanitarian projects, what do you think of Malalai Yousufzai of Pakistan, are there others like her in that part of the world, why did you wait so long to write "An American Bride in Kabul?" I think a good time was had by all. Here I am in performance, below, and here is one of many dinner tables around which the women sat. Nancy Hochhauser was my host and both she and her mother took very good care of me.