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Dr. Bart is very old feminist colleague of mine and it was a pleasure to dine with her, not once, but twice on her visit to NYC. Here we are at the Brooklyn Diner. Dr. Pauline is delivering a lecture for the UN about violence against women and then returning to North Carolina. Oh, how has time flown. Pauline now has great-grandchildren in addition to her body of work. Most academic feminists have bypassed the most radical, most radiant, and most original of Second Wave feminist work and have become mired in post-colonialism, post-modernism, anti-American, anti-Israel, and LGBT studies as opposed to Women's Studies. It is a great loss. I quipped: "Someone needs to write another version of Dale Spender's Women of Ideas and What Men Have Done To Them which was about the British suffragists. The new version would be titled: "Women of Ideas and How Feminists Have Disappeared Them."