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Rebecca Bynum, the publisher of the New English Review Press hosted a party for my new book: ISLAMIC GENDER APARTHEID: EXPOSING A VEILED WAR AGAINST WOMEN. It was held the home of my dear friends, Nahma Sandrow and William Meyers and catered by our good friend Pini Ben-Ari of Olive Tree Caterers. Although I had to arrive in a wheelchair, which I don’t much care for (a fractured tibia and two torn meniscuses will do that every time), I nevertheless gave a rousing good speech and to a rather magnificent group of friends and colleagues. The room was bursting with scholars, lawyers, judges, psycho-analysts, novelists, psychotherapists, playwrights, poets, photographers, philanthropists, the retired President of a university, a Yiddish literature professor—and my sweet and lovely granddaughter, Kate. Her older sister, Lily, was otherwise engaged. Photo credit: Joan L. Roth