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Last night we gathered at a screening and fundraiser for a film-in-process, one in which I am on camera together with Lily Tomlin (who was there last night—a truly funny Lady), Jane Fonda, Meredith Monk, Judy Chicago, Cheryl Swannack, Kate Stimpson, Aloma Gruskoff—and Kate Millett, Back-in-the-Day. There are more interviews in the works. We were all photographed by Cynthia MacAdams in a book which appeared in 1977. Some of us, shown on camera in the 22 minute film-in-process, are no longer with us on earth: Colleen Dewhurst, Buffie Johnson, Viveca Lindfors, Alice Neel, Alida Walsh, Shelley Winters. Filming us while we are still here is equivalent to creating an archival treasure—one that will speak to the coming generations in a way that has not yet been done. Brava to director Johanna Demetrakas, producer Cheryl Swannack, and editor Kate Amend. And brava to our hosts who live in a cutting-edge penthouse duplex with terraces that overlook our precious City of Oz.