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My reading at the Strand from “A Politically Incorrect Feminist” was quite wondrous. And you may all be able to see when CSPAN airs.

About 120 people came and my words made them laugh, clap, tear up a bit. A number of early Second Wave feminist pioneers were there: Nancy Azara, Darla Bjork, Barbara Chasen, Noreen Connell, Nancy Erickson, Rabbi Judith Hauptman, Ellen Helinka, Karla Jay, Trudy Mason, Evan Morley, Lily Rivlin, Joan L. Roth. Many worlds were represented there: the amazing Ashraf Ramelah of the Egyptian Copts; George and Carol Jochnowitz, Nechi Sirota—Jewish scholars, and a psycho-linguist; Helen Freedman and Charlie Bernhardt—daring Israel advocates; author, actress, and editor Marion Dreyfus; Sol Stern former Ramparts editor and leftist, author, now considered a conservative; lawyers and judges galore: Judge Laura Drager, Judge Ellen Gesmer, and Judge Lynn Kotler; my own personal lawyers, my son Ariel Chesler and my partner Susan L. Bender, Marilyn Chinitz, Jennifer Foley, Aimee Richter, Judy White, etc; archivist Evelyn Shunaman, neurologist Sheryl Haut, entrepreneur extraordinaire (and my bestie), Merle Hoffman, and my beloved daughter-in-law Shannon Berkowsky. Martin Rosenthal, the distinguished Holocaust historian, Alvin Rosenthal, sent his granddaughter; Joy Rose, the founder of the Museum of Motherhood was there, as were Esther Priegue and Kelly Mallinson of Choices Women Medical Center. My former young intern and Education Maven Sanda Balaban was there as was Shelley Ackerman, astrologer to the stars. The other good souls are unknown to me but I was honored by their enthusiastic presence. So many men came!