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Last night we--Merle Hoffman, Susan L. Bender and myself--hosted an evening at home for California-based author Dr. Angela Sells and her new book "Sabina Spielrein: The Woman and the Myth." The young author is as impressive as her book. It was a real soirée, a salon, in which the history of ideas--and their systematic deformation, defamation, and disappearance was eloquently and acidly documented and discussed from feminist, psycho-analytic, mythic, political, and historical points of view. Spielrein was a Jewish Russian woman and a psycho-analytic pioneer, whose original ideas were "borrowed" by Drs. Jung and Freud, both with and without credit; who could not earn a living in Vienna, Zurich, or Geneva because she was a woman; who returned to Moscow, founded the first Psycho-analytic Clinic there where she flourished until Stalin shut her "Jewish ideas" clinic down and impoverished her--and then the Nazis murdered her in 1942, together with 27,000 other Jews in Rostov-on-Don. The book is a treasure--as was the evening. Guests included: Angela Sells and her partner, Will, Shelley Ackerman, Susan L. Bender, Catherine Adams, Raphael Chaiken, Ariel Chesler, Stuart Diamond, Marion Dreyfus, Rischa Gottlieb, Merle Hoffman, Carol Jochnowitz, George Jochnowitz, Luna Kaufman, Phyllis Korff, Daniele Gorlin Lassner, Joan L. Roth, Nechi Sirota, and Michael Skakun.