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. Article Title Publication Published
Heroic Afghan Feminists, Doctors, and the Global Civilians Helping Them 4W Dec 15, 2021
Netanyahu depicted as a dog is even more ominous than it seems Israel National News May 01, 2019
At a meeting of the Cognitive Jewish Warriors Israel National News Jul 16, 2017
What the bystanders do--or fail to do--is more important than what the evil-doers have done Phyllis Chesler May 02, 2017
Ibn Warraq on Phyllis Chesler's Work and Friendship YouTube Nov 11, 2015
What Kind of Feminist Future Does ISIS Have In Mind? The Huffington Post Sep 03, 2015
Robert Fulford: Fighting the insanely misogynist Islamic State will require enormous public support National Post Jun 12, 2015
My Jewish Feminist Problem Tablet Magazine Dec 16, 2014
Muslim Somali-American Pens 'Average Mohamed' Cartoon to Lure Youth Away from ISIS Breitbart Nov 25, 2014
Anti-Terror Muslims Rally in Toronto Against Radical Islam Breitbart Sep 22, 2014
Would Halevi have banished Spinoza? Turned Rushdie over? THE TIMES OF ISRAEL Apr 20, 2014
Naomi Wolf Attacks Me as a Zionist Agent Breitbart Apr 17, 2014
Op-Ed: Honor Dishonored: Brandeis and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Israel National News Apr 11, 2014
The Anti-Islamist Muslim Voice PJ Media Mar 05, 2012
A Liberal vs. Multiculturalism: An Interview with Salim Mansur PJ Media Mar 02, 2012
Tale of 2 Women: Pakistani Terrorist & Somali-Dutch MP Israel National News Jan 24, 2012
Why the West Is Best PJ Media Dec 15, 2011
To Sweden: Save Khalid Saheed's Life Israel National News Dec 04, 2011
My Meeting with The Girl With Three Legs PJ Media Nov 09, 2011
Fund the Truth About Islam or Lose the War of Ideas NewsRealBlog Apr 28, 2011
The Battle That Dare Not Speak Its Name NewsRealBlog Apr 14, 2011
Muslim and Non-Muslim Thinkers Call for a Human Rights Revolution NewsRealBlog Nov 19, 2010
Is Jihad Winning in Holland and America? NewsRealBlog Oct 12, 2010
Tyrants Like Ahmadinejad Need to Be Challenged Fox News Sep 24, 2010
Leave and We'll Kill You: Islam and Apostates in America Pajamas Media Aug 02, 2010
An Alliance of Infidels Rally in Times Square Pajamas Media May 11, 2010
Hollywood Newspeak: Islamists Good, Americans Bad, It's a Bum (W)Rap NewsRealBlog May 10, 2010
How A Free Press Dies…By Only Covering Tariq Ramadan, Not Ibn Warraq Pajamas Media Apr 19, 2010
Heroes in Dark Times: The Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam Pajamas Media Jan 06, 2010
Nonie Darwish Under Fire Today Pajamas Media Sep 22, 2009
Great Debate Talking Points Pajamas Media Oct 11, 2007
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