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Phyllis Chesler
Books By Phyllis
. Article Title Publication Published
Epstein and Maxwell in Jail: the Double Standard 4W Nov 30, 2021
Book Reading with Ann Osmond Phyllis Chesler Organization Nov 06, 2021
Ms. Julie and Myself New English Review Jun 23, 2021
Profiling a Unique Female Serial Killer Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence May 04, 2021
Interview with Phyllis Chesler: Groundbreaking feminist psychology pioneer and activist Association for Women in Psychology Mar 06, 2021
Writers’ Bloc Podcast: Phyllis Chesler Writers’ Bloc Podcast Jan 28, 2021
AM Northwest, "Requiem for a Female Serial Killer" KATU-TV Jan 22, 2021
How Misogyny Drives the Marginalized to Kill Ms. Magazine Jan 17, 2021
PODCAST: Phyllis Chesler on Aileen Wuornos, America’s ‘first female serial killer’ Feminist Current Jan 04, 2021
In the Eye of the Beholder Ebisu Publications Jan 02, 2021
A Forbidden Feminist Fantasy New English Review Dec 29, 2020
Eine verbotene feministische Fantasie Achgut Dec 23, 2020
Going inside the mind of a female serial killer with Phyllis Chesler Jungle Red Writers Dec 22, 2020
On the Couch with Dr. Michelle Cohen LA Talk Radio Dec 22, 2020
THE CRIMINOLOGY SHELF Midwest Book Review Dec 07, 2020
Are All Women Always Victims? Even Female Serial Killers? New English Review Dec 01, 2020
Book Reading with Bill Martinez Bill Martinez Show Nov 23, 2020
Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon and Friends Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon and Friends Nov 18, 2020
Meeting a Monster FrontPage Magazine Nov 18, 2020
Mein Gespräch mit der Serienkillerin Aileen Wuornos Achgut Nov 18, 2020
Is Justice Gender-blind? Women's eNews Nov 15, 2020
Aileen Wuornos: Did America's First Female Serial Killer Act in Self-Defense? A&E Crime Blog Nov 12, 2020
This Author’s Life Phyllis Chesler Organization Nov 12, 2020
True Murder Podcast True Murder Podcast Nov 12, 2020
Ep. 1302: Female Serial Killers The Kathryn Zox Show Nov 04, 2020
Announcing the Birth of a New Book Phyllis Chesler Sep 17, 2020
How Mothers Are Destroyed When They Try to Protect Their Children Phyllis Chesler May 19, 2016
Horrific Domestic Terrorism in Pakistan FrontPage Magazine May 11, 2016
Op-Ed: The other face of Jihad Israel National News Jan 09, 2016
Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina 2016 bids jeopardized by fickle women voters Washington Times Nov 18, 2015
Let the Fear Mongering Begin CBC Oct 30, 2015
The Great American Custody Wars Huffington Post Oct 22, 2015
Phyllis Chesler: Psychoanalyst, Feminist, Fearless Spitfire Ravishly Oct 05, 2015
Tapan Ghosh: Bringing Back Our Girls FrontPage Mag Oct 02, 2015
Women Also Kill For Honor: Phyllis Chesler Study The Investigative Project Oct 01, 2015
Dukhtar: Award-Winning Film Highlights Struggle of Pakistani Women Breitbart Sep 14, 2015
A beacon of religious, non-violent and feminist struggle The Jerusalem Post Jun 22, 2015
Pakistani Man Convicted of Ordering Honor Killing on Daughter's In-Laws in Pakistan from Brooklyn Cab Breitbart May 12, 2015
ISIS's Nazi-Style 'Jihad Bride' Propaganda an Alluring Trap for Western Girls Breitbart Apr 08, 2015
On Women's Rights, Hillary Clinton's Career Defined by Inaction Breitbart Mar 12, 2015
Female French Deli Attacker May Appear in New ISIS Video Breitbart Feb 05, 2015
Muslim Women Sue in US Courts for Right to Wear Islamic Garb on the Job Breitbart Dec 18, 2014
Uber's Rape Problem in India: No Woman is Safe in a Cab Breitbart Dec 10, 2014
Pakistan Sentences Bollywood Actress, Husband to 26 Years in Prison for 'Blasphemous' Dance Breitbart Nov 26, 2014
Female Genital Mutilation in the West: A Creeping Crime Against Humanity Breitbart, reposted at Middle East Forum. Nov 19, 2014
Syrian Kurds Issue Womens' Rights Decree in Defiance of ISIS Breitbart Nov 10, 2014
For the First Time, the National Organization for Women Considers Sharia Law Breitbart Jul 01, 2014
The West Must Stand with Muslim Feminists Against Sexual Violence Breitbart Jun 23, 2014
Muslim Women's Liberation Movement Leader: Biggest Opposition from Some Sister Muslims Breitbart Jun 11, 2014
The Real War On Women Breitbart May 27, 2014
Down With NBA Racism! Sexism—Who Cares? On The Issues Magazine May 01, 2014
Honoring Unjustly Forgotten Foremothers The Jerusalem Post Jan 27, 2014
Honor Killings in the West and the God of Poetic Justice Jerusalem Post Dec 24, 2013
Can 'Good Enough' Mothers Lose Custody of their Children to Violent and Abusive Men? Argument & Critique Dec 23, 2013
Fawzia Koofi and the Stunning Bravery of Afghan Women The Big Issue Nov 27, 2013
Drawn to Holiness: Women of the Wall Speak to the President of the Jewish Federations of North America. The Times of Israel Nov 07, 2013
The Unwavering Dream of Women of the Wall Times of Israel and Huffington Post. Oct 10, 2013
Why Women Still Don't Vote for Women On The Issues Sep 13, 2013
What Is It About "Pluralism" That Drives Good Jews Crazy? The Times of Israel Aug 27, 2013
Writing As 'Weapon' In Custody Case The Jewish Week Jul 10, 2013
Excluding Women from the Ezrat Nashim is a Crime Before God The Times of Israel Jul 10, 2013
"Mean Girls" at the Western Wall The Times of Israel Jul 09, 2013
Op-Ed: L'Attentat: Suicide Bombing as a Female Career Option Israel National News Jun 26, 2013
Twenty Five Years and Counting No More: Women's Struggle for Religious Rights in Jerusalem Times of Israel Jun 06, 2013
The Price of Justice for a Raped Pakistani Girl The Huffington Post May 30, 2013
R.D. Laing and Phyllis Chesler: In Conversation N/A Nov 12, 2012
Hindu vs. Muslin Honor Killings Phyllis Chesler May 01, 2012
Did JFK have an affair with a White House intern? Fox News Feb 10, 2012
JFK and 19-year-old White House intern Mimi Alford Fox News Feb 07, 2012
Guilty: Muslim Family in Canada Convicted in Honor Killings PJ Media Feb 02, 2012
Will guilty verdict in Canadian 'honor killing' trial be a turning point for justice? Fox News Jan 29, 2012
'How Can I Get Even With This Man (or Woman) Who Has Just Ruined My Life?' PJ Media Nov 23, 2011
Violent, Selfish Fathers vs. Violent, Selfish Mothers on Trial Fox News Jul 12, 2011
Lord God, Free At Last: Rifqa Bary's Victory in Ohio Pajamas Media Aug 05, 2010
Letter on "The Myth of Mean Girls" The New York Times Apr 06, 2010
The Jihadi Feels Persecuted - His Aggression is Self-Defense Pajamas Media Mar 14, 2010
Obama Throws Muslim Women Under the Bus Pajamas Media Jun 08, 2009
Mr. President: Mind the Gender Gap Jewcy Nov 10, 2008
My Hillary vs. Sarah, America vs. Iran Jewish Problem Pajamas Media Sep 18, 2008
Michelle Obama Channels June Cleaver, not Eleanor Roosevelt Pajamas Media Aug 25, 2008
The Burqa Bomber Strikes Again in Iraq Pajamas Media Aug 15, 2008
Damsels of Death: Female Suicide Killers in Iraq Pajamas Media Jul 28, 2008
Dr. Karadzic, I Presume? Pajamas Media Jul 23, 2008
Sex for Food, Oil for Food: Why Not? Pajamas Media May 27, 2008
Murderous Mothers Pajamas Media Mar 16, 2008
What The Candidates Did Not Talk About Pajamas Media Feb 22, 2008
An All-American Hero: Jody Williams, a Former Sex Slave. Pajamas Media Jan 23, 2008
Sad, Mad and Bad The Globe and Mail Dec 29, 2007
Men Who Are Left Behind Would Rather Kill Themselves Than Ask for Help Pajamas Media Dec 10, 2007
Osama On Freud’s Couch Solves The Mother Of All Mysteries Pajamas Media Oct 18, 2007
Violence as a Form of Islamist Speech N/A Aug 10, 2007
My Body, My Soul World Jewish Digest Jun 09, 2006
Women and Madness N/A Oct 13, 2005
Interview: Woman's Inhumanity to Woman USA Today Jan 01, 2005
Breaking Sacred Ground for Equality Forward Forum Jul 02, 2004
Women and Madness New York City Voices Oct 31, 2002
Women Are Nurturing? How About Cruel, Especially to One Another The New York Times Aug 24, 2002
Woman's Inhumanity to Woman Tikkun Apr 30, 2002
Interview on "Woman's Inhumanity to Woman" CNN: Q&A Apr 30, 2002
Interview on "Woman's Inhumanity to Woman" NBC: The Today Show Mar 31, 2002
Woman's Inhumanity to Woman Salon.com Mar 29, 2002
Woman's Inhumanity to Woman The Washington Post Mar 10, 2002
The Unkindness of Women New Zealand Listener Mar 10, 2002
Interview on "Woman's Inumanity to Woman" Fox News: Judith Regan Tonight Feb 28, 2002
Feminist Wars N/A Jan 01, 2000
Who Has Custody of Woman's Eggs? Newsday Jul 02, 1998
No Safe Place On The Issues Dec 31, 1997
Letters to a Young Feminist N/A Dec 18, 1997
The Mystery and Tragedy of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome On The Issues May 31, 1997
Is Every Woman One Divorce Away From Financial Disaster? On The Issues Nov 30, 1996
What is Justice for a Rape Victim? On The Issues Nov 30, 1995
Sister, Fear Has No Place Here On The Issues Aug 31, 1994
A Woman's Right to Self-Defense: The Case of Aileen Carol Wuornos St. John's Law Review Oct 15, 1993
Sexual Violence Against Women and a Woman's Right to Self-Defense Criminal Practice Law Report Sep 30, 1993
The Shellshocked Woman New York Times Aug 23, 1992
Mothers on Trial: Custody and the "Baby M" Case The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism Apr 15, 1990
Mother-Hatred and Mother-Blaming: What Electra Did to Clytemnestra Motherhood: A Feminist Perspective Apr 15, 1990
Strong Mothers, Weak Wives: The Search for Gender Equality Canadian Journal of Women and The Law Jun 15, 1989
Mothers on Trial Psychology Today Jan 31, 1986
Mothers on Trial Kirkus Reviews Nov 01, 1985
The Hungry Self The New York Times Jul 21, 1985
With Child The Charlotte Observer Feb 03, 1980
With Child The Washington Post Dec 23, 1979
With Child Los Angeles Times Nov 15, 1979
Women and Madness Time Jan 22, 1973
Interview on Baby M. Satelite TV Nov 30, -0001
Joint Custody, Mothers On Trial CBS Nov 30, -0001
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