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. Article Title Publication Published
The Writing Life Tablet Magazine Dec 08, 2021
Prof. Phyllis Chesler answers Giulio Meotti's tough questions Israel National News Oct 24, 2021
The Progressive Erasure of Feminism Tablet Magazine Aug 04, 2021
Through My Eyes New English Review Jun 21, 2021
Interview: Phyllis Chesler was Cancelled Before It was Cool 4W Jun 16, 2021
Baseless Israel Bashing Permeates Science, Medicine, and Education Unions The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jun 15, 2021
Have we entered a cancel culture world of politically correct op-eds? Israel National News May 25, 2021
The Disunited Identities of America American Thinker Apr 24, 2021
Today’s Brief Thought—Apres Le Deluge New English Review Apr 15, 2021
Today’s Brief Thought New English Review Apr 14, 2021
First They Came For… FrontPage Magazine Apr 13, 2021
How the Transgender Movement is Destroying Feminism American Thinker Apr 06, 2021
Aren’t Trans-Women “Culturally Appropriating” Womanhood? New English Review Mar 24, 2021
It’s Not Always About Race: Sex Addict’s Massacre of Women in Atlanta Massage Parlors New English Review Mar 18, 2021
Cancelling Will S. American Thinker Feb 25, 2021
Cancel Culture Carries On New English Review Oct 08, 2020
Selective Vigilante Justice New English Review Press Jan 31, 2020
Western Feminists AWOL in Supporting Abused and Dissident Muslim Women The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jan 08, 2020
The politically correct Quran Israel National News Jul 08, 2019
The Media and Israel: Is it Fair? Phyllis Chesler Jun 28, 2019
"A Bias Steam-Ironed into Women's Lives": A Conversation with Author Phyllis Chesler about Women and Madness, 47 Years After Publication Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jun 25, 2019
How a Feminist Prophet Became an Apostate—An Interview with Dr Phyllis Chesler Quillette Jun 21, 2019
Queen Lear or a case of High Hopes Dashed New English Review Apr 03, 2019
Nowa cenzura, czyli powrót Policji Myśli? Listy z naszego sadu Dec 18, 2018
The New Censorship Tablet Magazine Dec 12, 2018
Rejected by Facebook Arutz Sheva Sep 13, 2018
Chesler on the Fate of Western Civilization New English Review Press Jan 03, 2018
Argentinian lesson: Evil triumphs when good people fear to stop it Israel National News Jan 02, 2018
Europe, end the double standards! Israel National News Dec 21, 2017
They'll try anything: Indoctrinating US children against Israel Israel National News Nov 21, 2017
When "Progressivism" Crushes Muslim Women Gatestone Institute Sep 05, 2017
Left-fascists at University of Arkansas cancel speaker because she cowrote pamphlet with Robert Spencer 10 years ago Jihad Watch May 07, 2017
Mideast studies chief at UA suspended after canceling presentation from speaker known for criticizing Islam Arkansas Democrat-Gazette May 04, 2017
UA punishes disinvitation of speaker critical of Muslims UPDATES GALORE Arkansas Times Blog May 04, 2017
UofA Suspends Professor For Phyllis Chesler Disinvitation Continue reading >> UofA Suspends Professor For Phyllis Chesler Disinvitation | The Arkansas Project The Arkansas Project May 03, 2017
UA professor suspended after speech cancellation a scapegoat, author says Arkansas Democrat-Gazette May 03, 2017
Letter from Prof. Robert M. Costrell to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the U. of Arkansas Regarding the Disinvitation of Prof. Phyllis Chesler Campus Watch May 03, 2017
What the bystanders do--or fail to do--is more important than what the evil-doers have done Phyllis Chesler May 02, 2017
Phyllis Chesler Is Latest Disinvited Campus Speaker Independent Women's Forum May 02, 2017
The Spreading Tentacles of Censorship American Thinker Apr 28, 2017
How Academics think about Freedom of Speech: Fisking the Email that Killed Phyllis Chesler’s Talk on Shame-Murders The Augean Stables Apr 13, 2017
No Honor at U. of Arkansas MyRightWord Apr 09, 2017
Snub or Honor: the Case of UJA NY Federation and Phyllis Chesler Jewish Press Mar 22, 2017
Mingling with Foes American Thinker Mar 20, 2017
Disaffected Catholics do not call for boycotting the Vatican Israel National News Mar 16, 2017
Does UJA have a problem with my opinions? Israel National News Mar 16, 2017
They still can't put the words "terrorism" and "Muslim" in one article Phyllis Chesler Feb 21, 2017
The NYT's Over-the-Top Obsession with Israel and Trump Phyllis Chesler Feb 17, 2017
Anti-Trump protesters don’t know what a real dictator is New York Post Nov 11, 2016
The lowering of the standard for truth among Americans Israel National News Oct 27, 2016
Western Feminists Have Become 'Stalinized' and 'Palestinianized,' Says Prominent US Women's Movement Pioneer (INTERVIEW) The Algemeiner Dec 03, 2015
Jihadist Jew-Hunting in Jerusalem and Shomron FrontPage Mag Oct 05, 2015
The Truth-Teller's Gulag Israel National News Jun 16, 2015
Living History: On the Front Lines for Israel and the Jews 2003-2015 Family Security Matters May 20, 2015
On the Front Lines Israel National News May 15, 2015
Living History: On the Front Lines for Israel and the Jews 2003-2015 N/A May 06, 2015
Two Discussions N/A Apr 03, 2015
The Culture War, left-wing anti-Semitism Chuck Morse Speaks on USA Radio Networks Apr 01, 2015
Radical Muslim Scholars Demand UN Impose Worldwide Ban on 'Contempt of Religion' Breitbart Jan 22, 2015
ISGAP Fellow Phyllis Chesler on The Hijacking of History by Opera: The Death of Klinghoffer ISGAP Oct 24, 2014
Op-Ed: What Would Toscanini Do? Israel National News Oct 23, 2014
Would Halevi have banished Spinoza? Turned Rushdie over? THE TIMES OF ISRAEL Apr 20, 2014
Brandeis Feminists Fail the Historical Moment Israel National News Apr 16, 2014
Phyllis Chesler: The Shame of Brandeis University Newsmax Apr 10, 2014
Taking the Fifth Huffington Post May 23, 2013
Issues of Importance, Presidential Elections 2012 Israel National News Sep 13, 2012
The Honor Killing That Never Happened PJ Media Apr 13, 2012
Shame on You, Harvard University! Israel National News Dec 16, 2011
A Showdown with Evil Israel National News Dec 26, 2010
How to Keep the USA From Becoming the United States of Arabia Fox News Aug 16, 2010
"Soft" Censorship: Honor Killings That You Won't Read About Pajamas Media Jun 16, 2010
War: The Film Pajamas Media Jun 03, 2010
Why Is the Washington Post Afraid to Use the Words "Muslim" And "Honor Killing" In The Same Article? Pajamas Media May 26, 2010
Hollywood Newspeak: Islamists Good, Americans Bad, It's a Bum (W)Rap NewsRealBlog May 10, 2010
The Pro-Orens Have it At Brandeis! Pajamas Media May 05, 2010
Jews Not Wanted on Campus If They Support Israel - Not Even at Brandeis Pajamas Media May 03, 2010
Are the Israelis Really Responsible for Palestinian Wife Beating? NewsRealBlog Apr 20, 2010
How A Free Press Dies…By Only Covering Tariq Ramadan, Not Ibn Warraq Pajamas Media Apr 19, 2010
Islamist Takeover of Manhattan, No Bullets Fired Pajamas Media Apr 08, 2010
Princeton, Columbia Cancel Free Speech: Darwish Silenced Pajamas Media Nov 19, 2009
When Narratives Collide Pajamas Media Apr 13, 2009
A Universal Doctrine of Women's Rights Pajamas Media Mar 24, 2009
"The Battle for Liberty, The Struggle Against Despotism." Pajamas Media Mar 18, 2009
A Dutch Hero Comes to Warn Us, Seek Our Support Pajamas Media Feb 23, 2009
Free Speech, Real Jews, Under Jihadic Siege in England, India, America, and Canada Pajamas Media Feb 13, 2009
The London School of Appeasement Pajamas Media Jan 24, 2009
Palestinian Assassinates Potential American President Pajamas Media Jan 20, 2009
American Medical Students Face Off On Gaza in The Lancet Pajamas Media Jan 14, 2009
No Hate Speech Allowed Pajamas Media Jan 04, 2009
Gaza Comes to America Pajamas Media Dec 31, 2008
When Friends Fight About Ideas Pajamas Media Dec 23, 2008
An Old-Fashioned Rainy Day in NYC Pajamas Media Dec 10, 2008
Political Pornography and The Electronic Intifada Pajamas Media Dec 08, 2008
Our Troubled World in 2025 Pajamas Media Nov 21, 2008
Death By Hospital: Is it Avoidable? Pajamas Media Nov 13, 2008
Every Hospital Patient Has a Story Pajamas Media Nov 10, 2008
About Last Night... Jewcy Nov 05, 2008
A Must-See Pro-Israel Film The Jewish Press Nov 05, 2008
It's the Agenda, Not the Gender Jewcy Nov 04, 2008
Fonda Is Weeping, Jong Is In Spasm Pajamas Media Oct 31, 2008
Sarah and the Feminists Jewcy Oct 30, 2008
UPDATE: The Pittsburgh Caper: A Strange Hoax Pajamas Media Oct 23, 2008
The Uninformed And We-Like-It-That-Way American Voter Pajamas Media Oct 15, 2008
Tom Paine Has Just Commented at my Blogsite Pajamas Media Oct 14, 2008
I Hear America Singing, Hope It's Not A Swan Song Pajamas Media Oct 10, 2008
The Marketing of the American Presidency Pajamas Media Oct 08, 2008
The Genial Warrior Versus The Ivy League Messiah Pajamas Media Oct 03, 2008
Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington Pajamas Media Oct 02, 2008
The new American Doctrine of "Changing Course" and the Asian Doctrine of Bribes Pajamas Media Sep 24, 2008
J Street Jews: The McCarthyites of our Era Pajamas Media Sep 21, 2008
Americans Should Add the Danish Flag to Our Lapels in Honor of how the Danes Respond to Jihad Pajamas Media Sep 16, 2008
Charlie Gibson: This is No Way to Interview a Vice-Presidential Candidate Even if She is Sarah Palin Pajamas Media Sep 12, 2008
When Obama vs. McCain is an Agonizing Decision Pajamas Media Sep 02, 2008
Independent Feminist Commentary on the Presidential Race Pajamas Media Sep 01, 2008
Barack and Joe vs. John and Sarah: Whatta Fight! Pajamas Media Aug 29, 2008
The DNC: A Night of Political Soap Opera Pajamas Media Aug 27, 2008
Michelle and Joe Looked Grim as Hillary Endorsed Obama in a Masterfully Minimal Way Pajamas Media Aug 26, 2008
A Modest Proposal. Let The Brave Danes Speak at Both Conventions Pajamas Media Aug 22, 2008
Guess Who's Opening The DNC? Pajamas Media Aug 20, 2008
Why Do So Many Westerners Refuse to “Get” That We Are At War? Pajamas Media Aug 01, 2008
The Hero Wears Hijab Pajamas Media Jul 24, 2008
Wednesday in the Park With Emma Pajamas Media Jul 17, 2008
The AP Photographer Just Stood There While the Taliban Murdered Two Afghan Women Pajamas Media Jul 15, 2008
A Glittering Gathering At My Home For Alan Johnson and Democratiya Pajamas Media Jun 30, 2008
Tim Russert, Bernard Goldberg and Me Pajamas Media Jun 18, 2008
Help! The Visitor Pajamas Media Jun 16, 2008
The "Now I've Heard Everything" Feature Pajamas Media Jun 13, 2008
The Al-Dura Myth And Media Silence The Jewish Press Jun 04, 2008
"Stop the Israel Bashing in the Media and the Jews Will No Longer Be Hated." Pajamas Media May 21, 2008
Photos That Lie: Building the Case Against Israel, Article by Article, Day After Day Pajamas Media May 12, 2008
First Amendment Victory Mysteriously Disappeared by Mainstream Media Pajamas Media May 02, 2008
What In The World Is Wrong With The World? The Jewish Press Apr 23, 2008
The New York (Islamic) Times Pajamas Media Mar 27, 2008
Lies on the Front Page, the Truth Buried on the Back Page Pajamas Media Mar 02, 2008
Obama Is Our First Muslim Presidential Contender In The Same Way That Clinton Was Our First Black President Pajamas Media Feb 26, 2008
Holland Postpones the Wilders Film about Islam Pajamas Media Feb 07, 2008
Ominous Silences Pajamas Media Feb 02, 2008
Differentiating Between Blind Hate and Honest Criticism The Jewish Press Jan 09, 2008
For Whom The Bell Tolls: Ehrenfeld vs Bin Mahfouz Pajamas Media Dec 23, 2007
Politics: The Movie. Pajamas Media Dec 12, 2007
Am I My Brother's/Sister's Keeper? Pajamas Media Dec 04, 2007
When is a Trafficking Victim Worthy of Rescue and Who Gets to Decide? Pajamas Media Nov 23, 2007
The Case of the Closeted Saudi Sheikh Pajamas Media Nov 16, 2007
The French Revolution Returns to Columbia Pajamas Media Nov 13, 2007
When Heroism is Our Only Alternative Pajamas Media Nov 12, 2007
Make Every Word Count Pajamas Media Nov 06, 2007
My Book, “The Saudi Lobby” Still Awaits Its Publisher Pajamas Media Oct 30, 2007
Standing Up for the Truth Should Not Make You a Hero The Jewish Press Oct 24, 2007
The Heroic Nonie Darwish Faces Muslim "Mean Girl" Power at Wellesley Pajamas Media Oct 22, 2007
An Urgent Call To All Infidels About The So-called Muslim “Peace” Initiative Pajamas Media Oct 19, 2007
Osama On Freud’s Couch Solves The Mother Of All Mysteries Pajamas Media Oct 18, 2007
A White Christmas In Mecca? Pajamas Media Oct 16, 2007
Ibn Warraq Slays Tariq Ramadan in the Battle of Ideas Pajamas Media Oct 11, 2007
Normalizing Evil Phyllis Chesler Sep 25, 2007
Free Speech May Be Free But It is Not Without Consequences Family Security Matters Sep 24, 2007
An Unexpected Triumph N/A Aug 29, 2007
A New Kind of Boston Tea Party Phyllis Chesler Aug 28, 2007
CNN'S Master Plan: Part One N/A Aug 23, 2007
Manifesto For Survival The Jewish Press Dec 13, 2006
Publisher Pulls Book On Muslim Violence The Jewish Press Oct 04, 2006
Signs at the Times FrontPageMagazine.com Jul 11, 2006
Academic Goon Squad World Jewish Digest Jun 16, 2006
Academic Anti-Semitism National Review May 30, 2006
Ivory Tower Fascists National Review May 30, 2006
Free Speech Must Triumph Over Politically Hostile Environments The Washington Times Apr 07, 2006
The Rights of History FrontPageMagazine.com Mar 14, 2006
Witness to the Death of Feminism National Review Online Mar 08, 2006
Are We Winning the War Against Terror? Family Security Matters Feb 28, 2006
Women and Badness The Village Voice Jan 09, 2006
Feminist at the Gates of Reason N/A Jan 07, 2006
Leftists, Muslims, And The Race Card Jewish Press Dec 28, 2005
Playing the Racism Card FrontPageMagazine.com Dec 22, 2005
The Palestinianization Of The Academy Jewish Press Mar 16, 2005
Terrorism on the Western Campus FrontPageMagazine.com Oct 29, 2004
A Survivor of Palestinian Tyranny FrontPageMagazine.com Oct 13, 2004
The Truth is No Longer "Politically Correct" at Duke, Round II FrontPageMagazine.com Oct 05, 2004
Free Speech and Hate Speech at Duke, Round I FrontPageMagazine.com Sep 28, 2004
Leftists and "Humiliation" FrontPageMagazine.com May 24, 2004
Great Artistry, Dangerous Prejudice Midstream Apr 30, 2004
The Anti-Semitic Intelligentsia FrontPageMagazine.com Aug 21, 2003
Anti-Anti-Semites Unite FrontPageMagazine.com Aug 18, 2003
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