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Phyllis Chesler
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. Article Title Publication Published
Can We Rescue Afghan Feminists First? 4W Jul 21, 2021
Afghan feminists should be on the first plane out American Thinker Jul 20, 2021
Chesler: Learning Afghanistan's Lessons The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jul 14, 2021
Afghanistan ohne die Amerikaner Achgut Apr 22, 2021
Upon Leaving the Wild, Wild East in Afghanistan The Investigative Project on Terrorism Apr 15, 2021
Captive in Kabul: A woman's battle for freedom and her teachings CBS21 Nov 05, 2015
Captive in Kabul Promo Youtube Nov 03, 2015
Captive in Afghanistan: Bowe Bergdahl, Yvonne Ridley, and Me Breitbart Jun 02, 2014
Broadcast of February 12 Coral Gables Talk C-SPAN2 BookTV Feb 22, 2014
Flight from an Afghan Seraglio New English Review Jan 01, 2014
Op-Ed: Why Are America and The West Funding Sharia Law? Israel National News Nov 27, 2013
Fawzia Koofi and the Stunning Bravery of Afghan Women The Big Issue Nov 27, 2013
Murdered Christian Humanitarians Memorialized in Kabul Pajamas Media Aug 13, 2010
A Lesson Learned in Kabul Human Rights Service Oct 27, 2009
The High Cost of Western Idealism Pajamas Media May 13, 2009
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