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Phyllis Chesler
Books By Phyllis
. Article Title Publication Published
Afghan Women Chronicle Daily New Horrors The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jan 07, 2022
Pro-Trans, Pro-Palestine: Celebrities Condemn Harry Potter and his Mother New English Review Jan 05, 2022
How Many Western Feminists Would March Under a Hail of Taliban Bullets? 4W Jan 02, 2022
Shabbat Va-eira Shalom Phyllis Chesler Organization Dec 31, 2021
The Eternal Life of Blood Libels Against the Jews The Investigative Project on Terrorism Dec 29, 2021
A Sweet Shabbat Shmot Shalom Phyllis Chesler Organization Dec 24, 2021
A Season of Never-ending Discontent New English Review Dec 22, 2021
Opera Despite the Plague New English Review Dec 19, 2021
Heroic Afghan Feminists, Doctors, and the Global Civilians Helping Them 4W Dec 15, 2021
My City Block at Night New English Review Dec 13, 2021
Winter Presents New, Dire Challenges for Afghanistan's Women The Investigative Project on Terrorism Dec 10, 2021
The Writing Life Tablet Magazine Dec 08, 2021
Epstein and Maxwell in Jail: the Double Standard 4W Nov 30, 2021
Dare I Tell Afghan Women How Hard Their Lives Would Be in Refugee Camps? 4W Nov 24, 2021
Taliban Closes In As Desperate Afghan Women Await Rescue The Investigative Project on Terrorism Nov 22, 2021
The Book of Ruth Tablet Magazine Nov 15, 2021
Creative Palestinian Arab terror - now into stifling free speech Israel National News Nov 10, 2021
As Situation in Afghanistan Gets Worse, Feminists Still Help Afghan Women Escape 4W Nov 09, 2021
Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution, and Islam New English Review Nov 05, 2021
Afghanistan Urgently Needs Food Packages Dropped 4W Nov 03, 2021
A Nazi mass murderer goes to Hollywood Israel National News Oct 31, 2021
How I Had to Fight My Publishers over Everything 4W Oct 25, 2021
Prof. Phyllis Chesler answers Giulio Meotti's tough questions Israel National News Oct 24, 2021
Taliban's Murder of Volleyball Player Marks the Beginning of Afghan Dark Era 4W Oct 21, 2021
How Our Best Feminist Work Goes Out of Print and Stays There 4W Oct 18, 2021
Pauline Bart, R.I.P New English Review Oct 12, 2021
Marcia Freedman Was Part of My Pioneering Feminist Generation 4W Oct 12, 2021
James Bond and I Go Back a Long Way New English Review Oct 11, 2021
People just love dead Jews Israel National News Oct 05, 2021
Requests for Help from Feminists Trapped in Afghanistan Keep Coming 4W Oct 04, 2021
Continuing to Try to Save Afghan Women "the Only Thing We Can Do" The Investigative Project on Terrorism Sep 30, 2021
Battered Afghan Women and Divided Loyalties The Investigative Project on Terrorism Sep 28, 2021
Reviewers Who Don a Writer’s Skin New English Review Sep 22, 2021
Today is My Mother’s Birthday New English Review Sep 20, 2021
Honor Killing: A Form of Femicide Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence Sep 14, 2021
9/11, 20 Years . . . and Forgetting FrontPage Mag Sep 10, 2021
Our Feminist Digital Battle of Dunkirk 4W Sep 09, 2021
Afghan Refugees Report Sexual Harassment in Western Camps 4W Sep 07, 2021
Afghan Feminists are the Country's Promise of Progress 4W Sep 03, 2021
Team of Radical Feminists Rescues Thirty Afghan Feminists 4W Aug 28, 2021
America Must Now Crush the Taliban and ISIS-K and… Phyllis Chesler Organization Aug 26, 2021
Saving Just One Afghan Woman The Investigative Project on Terrorism Aug 09, 2021
„Können Sie mir bitte das Leben retten?“ Achgut Aug 05, 2021
The Progressive Erasure of Feminism Tablet Magazine Aug 04, 2021
Afghan Feminist: 'The Taliban and My Own Family Will Come for Me' 4W Jul 31, 2021
Why I Will Not Interview Any Afghan Feminists Now Phyllis Chesler Organization Jul 27, 2021
Obituary for Dr. Paula Joan Caplan Phyllis Chesler Organization Jul 25, 2021
Can We Rescue Afghan Feminists First? 4W Jul 21, 2021
Afghan feminists should be on the first plane out American Thinker Jul 20, 2021
Not Dead Yet: Feminism, Passion, and Women’s Liberation 4W Jul 19, 2021
Genesis Prize Phyllis Chesler Organization Jul 16, 2021
Chesler: Learning Afghanistan's Lessons The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jul 14, 2021
A Rally Against Anti-Semitism Is Welcome, But Is it Enough to Slow America's Tsunami of Anti-Semitism? The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jul 09, 2021
East Hampton, Summer, 2021 New English Review Jul 05, 2021
As If it were Yesterday. Brooklyn, 1952 New English Review Jul 01, 2021
The Conversation That Dares Not Speak Its Name New English Review Jun 30, 2021
Gratuitous cruelty in WWII Poland Israel National News Jun 29, 2021
How Dare the French Do This? New English Review Jun 25, 2021
Ms. Julie and Myself New English Review Jun 23, 2021
Through My Eyes Today New English Review Jun 22, 2021
Through My Eyes New English Review Jun 21, 2021
Another Woman Down New English Review Jun 18, 2021
Baseless Israel Bashing Permeates Science, Medicine, and Education Unions The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jun 15, 2021
Some Friendships Just End New English Review Jun 14, 2021
A Tsunami of Rage and Hate Is Upon Us Medium Jun 10, 2021
Luscious, Luscious Bouquets New English Review Jun 07, 2021
Psychologists Hope to Combat Antisemitism as an Illness The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jun 02, 2021
The New York Times is more demonic every day- and Haaretz is no different Israel National News May 29, 2021
The Woman They Could Not Silence: One Woman, Her Incredible Fight for Freedom, and the Men who Tried to Make Her Disappear New English Review May 27, 2021
Auditioning for the National Jewish Book Council New English Review May 26, 2021
Have we entered a cancel culture world of politically correct op-eds? Israel National News May 25, 2021
Academics Use Propaganda, Not Expertise, to Bash Israel The Investigative Project on Terrorism May 24, 2021
In News and Film, the Anti-Israel Bias Pervades The Investigative Project on Terrorism May 21, 2021
A Fifth Column? Times of Israel May 14, 2021
Yet Again, the Media Blames Israel for a Conflict Hamas Started The Investigative Project on Terrorism May 12, 2021
The NYTimes' chronic chronology problem Israel National News May 11, 2021
Not fit to print: The NYTimes on Sheikh Jarrah Israel National News May 08, 2021
Practicing Feminism While White The Investigative Project on Terrorism May 05, 2021
Profiling a Unique Female Serial Killer Dignity: A Journal of Analysis of Exploitation and Violence May 04, 2021
The Disunited Identities of America American Thinker Apr 24, 2021
Reading the Obituaries. New English Review Apr 22, 2021
Afghanistan ohne die Amerikaner Achgut Apr 22, 2021
In the Shadow of a Rainbow: The True Story of a Friendship Between Man and Wolf New English Review Apr 20, 2021
Upon Leaving the Wild, Wild East in Afghanistan The Investigative Project on Terrorism Apr 15, 2021
Today’s Brief Thought—Apres Le Deluge New English Review Apr 15, 2021
Today’s Brief Thought New English Review Apr 14, 2021
First They Came For… FrontPage Magazine Apr 13, 2021
Wie die Transgender-Bewegung den Feminismus zerstört Achgut Apr 12, 2021
Woke Andrea Dworkin Tablet Magazine Apr 09, 2021
How the Transgender Movement is Destroying Feminism American Thinker Apr 06, 2021
Another Rape Atrocity in India New English Review Apr 01, 2021
Tulips for the Holiday Table New English Review Mar 31, 2021
My Night in Abu Dhabi Phyllis Chesler Mar 30, 2021
A Pesach Greeting 2021 The Jewish Voice Mar 24, 2021
Aren’t Trans-Women “Culturally Appropriating” Womanhood? New English Review Mar 24, 2021
My Morocco New English Review Mar 23, 2021
Country Life New English Review Mar 22, 2021
Verüben Trans-Frauen „kulturelle Aneignung“ der Weiblichkeit? Achgut Mar 21, 2021
It’s Not Always About Race: Sex Addict’s Massacre of Women in Atlanta Massage Parlors New English Review Mar 18, 2021
Teheran nie daje mi spokoju Listy z naszego sadu Mar 16, 2021
No Joke Phyllis Chesler Mar 12, 2021
Birds New English Review Mar 10, 2021
Tehran on My Mind The Investigative Project on Terrorism Mar 09, 2021
Can straight actors play gays? American Thinker Mar 05, 2021
Groza umiarkowanego islamizmu Listy z naszego sadu Mar 04, 2021
The Sublime Sonya New English Review Mar 02, 2021
Eternal Hope in Norway: A Film Review New English Review Mar 02, 2021
Gender identity run wild Israel National News Feb 28, 2021
Cancelling Will S. American Thinker Feb 25, 2021
Sweet, Sweet Birds—and the Vaccine Phyllis Chesler Feb 24, 2021
Jazz, Amazing Jazz New English Review Feb 23, 2021
The Perils of NonViolent Islamism by Elham Manea The Investigative Project on Terrorism Feb 22, 2021
The 800 Jewish Holocaust orphans of Selvino Israel National News Feb 11, 2021
All At Once New English Review Feb 10, 2021
Woman and Nature New English Review Feb 09, 2021
Words About Snow Israel National News Feb 01, 2021
Andrea Revised: Andrea Dworkin: The Feminist As Revolutionary by Martin Duberman Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jan 27, 2021
An Honor Killer and His Accomplices Finally Face Justice The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jan 26, 2021
My Life at the Film Festival New English Review Jan 21, 2021
I Hear America Singing Phyllis Chesler Jan 20, 2021
How Misogyny Drives the Marginalized to Kill Ms. Magazine Jan 17, 2021
A Letter to Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Prince New English Review Jan 15, 2021
Kim Chernin, R.I.P. Phyllis Chesler Jan 08, 2021
A Mother’s Birthday Greeting to Her Son Phyllis Chesler Jan 06, 2021
A drive around Manhattan Israel National News Dec 30, 2020
A Forbidden Feminist Fantasy New English Review Dec 29, 2020
Going inside the mind of a female serial killer with Phyllis Chesler Jungle Red Writers Dec 22, 2020
Dearest Family and Friends Phyllis Chesler Dec 10, 2020
Are you pro-Israel? Then we'll pan your books on feminism Israel National News Dec 03, 2020
Are All Women Always Victims? Even Female Serial Killers? New English Review Dec 01, 2020
My Raquel, my friend Israel National News Nov 28, 2020
Mein Gespräch mit der Serienkillerin Aileen Wuornos Achgut Nov 18, 2020
Is Justice Gender-blind? Women's eNews Nov 15, 2020
As Americans vote Israel National News Nov 03, 2020
When Death Comes to Call New English Review Oct 30, 2020
Cancel Culture Carries On New English Review Oct 08, 2020
Letter to the Editor - NYT New York Times Oct 02, 2020
Announcing the Birth of a New Book Phyllis Chesler Sep 17, 2020
A Sweet New Year Phyllis Chesler Sep 15, 2020
Conversation in a Garden, Fall, 2020 Israel National News Sep 11, 2020
Dad's Arrest Exposes Support Network Behind Alleged Honor Killers The Investigative Project on Terrorism Sep 11, 2020
Note from New York City Israel National News Sep 06, 2020
What's on my mind Israel National News Sep 03, 2020
A funeral for feminism Spectator US Aug 24, 2020
Death Comes Calling Phyllis Chesler Aug 17, 2020
American Pastorale Moderne New English Review Aug 10, 2020
More Than A Season of Sorrow New English Review Aug 07, 2020
How I got canceled Spectator USA Aug 07, 2020
We must continue to drain the swamps of antisemitic lies Israel National News Aug 01, 2020
The great Dr. Diana Russell died on July 28th, 2020 Phyllis Chesler Jul 30, 2020
Dawn New English Review Jul 27, 2020
An Amazing Personal Coincidence New English Review Jul 23, 2020
The City Mouse, the Country Mouse New English Review Jul 20, 2020
Israel's law against slavery Israel National News Jul 14, 2020
Ode to a Gray Day New English Review Jul 10, 2020
A Letter to the Editor of the Jewish Voice The Jewish Voice Jul 09, 2020
Rushing into the future that has no past Israel National News Jun 30, 2020
Not Taking it Anymore Phyllis Chesler Jun 29, 2020
An Obituary to Bury a Reputation New English Review Jun 24, 2020
Juneteenth, Ralph Ellison, and Me New English Review Jun 18, 2020
Seattle: America's First No-Go Zone Phyllis Chesler Jun 12, 2020
Kaddish for America? Israel National News Jun 11, 2020
When Valerie Solanas Shot Andy Warhol: A Feminist Tale of Madness and Revolution Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence May 22, 2020
What Else is Positive about this Damn Quarantine New English Review May 12, 2020
One Rainy Friday in the Time of the Wuhan Virus New English Review May 01, 2020
Nature, in Bloom New English Review Apr 30, 2020
Anti-Israelism has mutated to suit the coronavirus Israel National News Apr 24, 2020
Palestinian Lies Never Die; Wikipedia and Google Keep Them Alive The Investigative Project on Terrorism Apr 24, 2020
Reparations for Women, APA, 1970 Phyllis Chesler Apr 23, 2020
Co-founding the Association for Women in Psychology, 1969 New English Review Apr 21, 2020
R.D.(“Ronnie”) Laing and Me, 1972 New English Review Apr 20, 2020
WRITING WOMEN AND MADNESS, SUMMER, 1971 Phyllis Chesler Apr 18, 2020
Motherhood and Feminist Therapy, 1988 Phyllis Chesler Apr 17, 2020
Reading the obits Israel National News Apr 16, 2020
Tokyo, 1990 New English Review Apr 15, 2020
Margaret Mead and Me New English Review Apr 14, 2020
Dear Friends, circa 1982 Phyllis Chesler Apr 13, 2020
Brooklyn Flowers, Brooklyn Memories New English Review Apr 10, 2020
Passover During a Plague Israel National News Apr 07, 2020
The Photographer Down the Hall New English Review Apr 06, 2020
Hannah prayed alone, so did Jonah Israel National News Apr 03, 2020
What the Shut-in Watches New English Review Apr 02, 2020
Gone is our global village Israel National News Mar 31, 2020
Mr. Tambourine Man, Play A(nother) Song for Me New English Review Mar 30, 2020
China Article V: We will never be quite the same again. Israel National News Mar 27, 2020
William Blake’s Photographer New English Review Mar 26, 2020
Natural Splendor in America New English Review Mar 25, 2020
Remembrance of things past Israel National News Mar 24, 2020
Changing Weather, Changing Moods. New English Review Mar 24, 2020
China, America, You, Me Phyllis Chesler Mar 23, 2020
The Writer Confined New English Review Mar 20, 2020
A Cabin Fever Shabbat Phyllis Chesler Mar 20, 2020
The quarantined diaries: Oh, to be in the country! Israel National News Mar 19, 2020
Standing at the Edge of the World New English Review Mar 18, 2020
The film “Hotel Mumbai” is a Must-See in order to understand what’s happening in India New English Review Mar 17, 2020
Quarantined: Diary of a contemporary pandemic Israel National News Mar 17, 2020
The virus that has nothing novel about it Israel National News Mar 15, 2020
A Brief Outing in an Almost Deserted City New English Review Mar 12, 2020
Now we are all Prisoners of the Chinese Communist Government New English Review Mar 12, 2020
Rest in Peace, dearest Diva New English Review Mar 10, 2020
TALKING FEMINISM—for The National Council of Jewish Women New English Review Mar 05, 2020
Hannah’s War on the Upper East Side New English Review Mar 04, 2020
God bless Professor Channa Newman! Israel National News Feb 26, 2020
What’s Popular, What’s Not New English Review Feb 19, 2020
Old Manhattan, Still Standing, but Owned By Others New English Review Feb 18, 2020
Old Manhattan Has Disappeared Before My Eyes New English Review Feb 17, 2020
Counting Our Blessings New English Review Feb 14, 2020
Francoise Atlan, superb Sephardic-Arabic-Moroccan singer New English Review Feb 14, 2020
Plisetskaya—Sublime Prima Ballerina, superb at 62 New English Review Feb 12, 2020
Western Governments Play a Key Role in Successful Honor Killing Escapes The Investigative Project on Terrorism Feb 11, 2020
Meghan and Her Prince in the New World New English Review Press Feb 11, 2020
The Oscars—No, No, No. New English Review Press Feb 10, 2020
Half Time at the Super Bowl New English Review Press Feb 03, 2020
The Movie 'Bombshell' was quite a bombshell for me personally New English Review Press Feb 02, 2020
A report from the front Israel National News Feb 02, 2020
Selective Vigilante Justice New English Review Press Jan 31, 2020
Allein unter Briten Achgut Jan 27, 2020
For Frederick Feirstein, 1940-2020 New English Review Press Jan 20, 2020
On the Proposed Legalization of Commercial Surrogacy: I Thought We Had Abolished the Sale of Human Beings Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jan 15, 2020
Western Feminists AWOL in Supporting Abused and Dissident Muslim Women The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jan 08, 2020
When all Jews march together, we shall overcome Israel National News Jan 05, 2020
I saw the writing in the sky Israel National News Jan 01, 2020
Is it too late to clear the antisemitism swamp? Israel National News Dec 22, 2019
What kind of Iron Dome can we deploy against the hate in Jersey City? Israel National News Dec 12, 2019
Why is the NYT allying with Islamists against women? Israel National News Dec 07, 2019
Pay attention, dreamy-eyed Western do-gooders Israel National News Dec 03, 2019
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Women to Do Nothing Quillette Nov 14, 2019
The war continues and it is a long war Israel National News Nov 01, 2019
The silent bystanders in the war against the Jews Israel National News Oct 25, 2019
Female imam wins University of Oslo's Human Rights Award 2019 Phyllis Chesler Oct 16, 2019
Gilead Resembles an Islamic Theocracy, not Trump’s America Quillette Oct 02, 2019
A Rosh Hashana Greeting Phyllis Chesler Sep 27, 2019
Are we really living in the 1930s? Israel National News Jul 15, 2019
The politically correct Quran Israel National News Jul 08, 2019
They do not care if they go down in history as barbarians Israel National News Jun 30, 2019
The Media and Israel: Is it Fair? Phyllis Chesler Jun 28, 2019
The End of an Era—A Feminist Firebrand Looks Back Quillette Jun 21, 2019
"Shall we stand idly by?" The rape of Dinah Israel National News Jun 19, 2019
Commercial surrogacy should stay illegal in N.Y.: A feminist’s perspective New York Daily News Jun 13, 2019
I stand by what I wrote on "Palestine" Israel National News Jun 12, 2019
My Granddaughters, Dancing Phyllis Chesler Jun 10, 2019
Why Are All the Statues of Heroic and Accomplished American Women Missing in Action? New English Review Jun 05, 2019
Buddy Bolden, the Blues and the Jews New English Review Jun 01, 2019
Americans are in the midst of a dangerously uncivil Civil War Israel National News May 21, 2019
Nina Paley, Censorship and 'Seder-Masochism' New English Review May 16, 2019
'High-minded culture' is now rife with antisemitism Israel National News May 16, 2019
Female Genital Mutilation in the United States: Estimating the Number of Girls at Risk Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence May 10, 2019
The NYTimes editorial: A clever attempt to gaslight us Israel National News May 03, 2019
Netanyahu depicted as a dog is even more ominous than it seems Israel National News May 01, 2019
Cover Story: Woman on Trial, Phyllis Chesler Recalled in Memoir Herizons May 01, 2019
We find ourselves in a new kind of Egypt - how do we leave it? Israel National News Apr 15, 2019
Honorable Women Honored Phyllis Chesler Apr 12, 2019
The joy of literature without politics Phyllis Chesler Apr 09, 2019
Never look away Israel National News Apr 06, 2019
Last Night at Hon. Betty Ellerin's 90th Birthday Party at the Water Club Phyllis Chesler Apr 05, 2019
Queen Lear or a case of High Hopes Dashed New English Review Apr 03, 2019
All kinds of rockets rain down on Israel Israel National News Mar 26, 2019
Commercial Surrogacy Breeds False Equality Between Sperm, Egg and Nine Months of Pregnancy and Childbirth New York Law Journal Mar 11, 2019
I thought the NYTimes couldn't get worse, but it has Israel National News Mar 10, 2019
Niqab, burqa, hijab - Afghanistan comes to the West Israel National News Mar 05, 2019
Handmaids for Hire: Should Commercial Surrogacy Be Legalized in NYS? New York Law Journal Feb 22, 2019
The two-faced women who hate Israel - and Jews Israel National News Feb 15, 2019
When America gives up on Afghanistan, its women will pay New York Post Feb 01, 2019
The clever cognitive war strategy deployed against Israel Israel National News Jan 30, 2019
Telling the truth about Israel is a new Catch-22 situation Israel National News Jan 27, 2019
You won't see me at the Women's March - it's a con job Israel National News Jan 18, 2019
Rahaf's Saudi family will never, ever stop coming after her Israel National News Jan 13, 2019
Big Sister Is Watching Tablet Magazine Jan 10, 2019
Dżihadystyczny psychopata: czaruje nas, uwodzi i pożera Listy z naszego sadu Dec 31, 2018
Nowa cenzura, czyli powrót Policji Myśli? Listy z naszego sadu Dec 18, 2018
Jihadist Psychopath: How he is charming, seducing, and devouring us Israel National News Dec 12, 2018
The New Censorship Tablet Magazine Dec 12, 2018
Congressional Law Fails to Reach Female Genital Mutilation FrontPage Magazine Dec 05, 2018
Some Women Are Inhumane to Other Women Psychreg Dec 03, 2018
The Divine Maria Callas New English Review Press Nov 21, 2018
Imaginary "Palestine" Israel National News Nov 21, 2018
Heroism is our only option Israel National News Nov 14, 2018
Post-election musings: Whither America? Whither US Jews? Israel National News Nov 09, 2018
How the NYTimes explains anti-Semites away Israel National News Nov 05, 2018
American Jews have been sleepwalking Israel National News Oct 31, 2018
Feministinnen gegen Frauen Achgut Oct 27, 2018
How Do You Acknowledge a Woman You Can’t See? Tablet Magazine Oct 19, 2018
Feminists Against Women Tablet Magazine Oct 16, 2018
The Real Resistance Tablet Magazine Oct 15, 2018
Netflix Documentary: "Feminists—What Were They Thinking?" Phyllis Chesler Oct 11, 2018
Sounding the alarm but not reducing the threat Washington Times Oct 09, 2018
Bekenntnisse einer inkorrekten Feministin (4) Achgut Sep 30, 2018
Bekenntnisse einer inkorrekten Feministin (3) Achgut Sep 23, 2018
Bekenntnisse einer inkorrekten Feministin (2) Achgut Sep 17, 2018
Rejected by Facebook Arutz Sheva Sep 13, 2018
Rosh Hashana Greeting Phyllis Chesler Organization Sep 07, 2018
How Multiculturalism Hijacked Feminism RealClearPolitics Sep 05, 2018
The Radical Feminist Movement Tablet Magazine Aug 31, 2018
Feminism and Fame Tablet Magazine Aug 17, 2018
Our Gloria Steinem Problem Tablet Magazine Aug 10, 2018
Betty Friedan and SCUM Tablet Magazine Aug 03, 2018
A Judge in the Family and Artemisia off-Broadway Phyllis Chesler May 21, 2018
Honor Killing Is Not Just a Muslim Problem Tablet Magazine Apr 16, 2018
My Pesach Greeting Phyllis Chesler Mar 28, 2018
AMCD Supports Iranian Women Against Forced Hijab American Mideast Coalition for Democracy Feb 08, 2018
Obama’s anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism reigned at the IRS from 2010- 2017. Phyllis Chesler Feb 03, 2018
My Questions About the #MeToo Moment Huffington Post Jan 05, 2018
The Forgotten History of Black Women Protesting Sexual Assault Huffington Post Jan 04, 2018
Argentinian lesson: Evil triumphs when good people fear to stop it Israel National News Jan 02, 2018
Dancing with death: The Intellectual opposition to Zionism Israel National News Dec 28, 2017
Europe's betrayal Israel National News Dec 24, 2017
Europe, end the double standards! Israel National News Dec 21, 2017
Are New Yorkers becoming like Israelis? Israel National News Dec 12, 2017
There are some new sheriffs in town Israel National News Dec 06, 2017
The New Anti-Semitism at the New School Tablet Magazine Nov 27, 2017
They'll try anything: Indoctrinating US children against Israel Israel National News Nov 21, 2017
#MeToo at the UN Tablet Magazine Nov 09, 2017
I support the women who have accused Tariq Ramadan of assault Israel National News Nov 06, 2017
Raped By Carl Jung, Then Murdered by the Nazis Tablet Magazine Nov 06, 2017
Sutton Place Synagogue: The bloody beast is back Israel National News Oct 26, 2017
Against Faux-Feminists Who Deny the Rights of Muslims and Jews Tablet Magazine Oct 02, 2017
A ROSH HASHANA GREETING Phyllis Chesler Sep 18, 2017
At a meeting of the Cognitive Jewish Warriors Israel National News Jul 16, 2017
A 1931-32 Literary Masterpiece About Jews: Revived, Retranslated Israel National News Jun 26, 2017
He only stole a poster, but he was white and so he was murdered for it Israel National News Jun 21, 2017
The quest for honesty about Jews and Israel Israel National News Jun 11, 2017
Ariana Grande's Manchester charity concert is the kind of Girl Power we can all support FOX News Jun 01, 2017
Melania Trump in Saudi Arabia: Hijab-free and proudly American FOX News May 22, 2017
My Evening With The Rebbe Phyllis Chesler May 19, 2017
What the bystanders do--or fail to do--is more important than what the evil-doers have done Phyllis Chesler May 02, 2017
Phyllis Chesler: FGM is illegal in the United States. So why is it still happening here? Fox News Apr 27, 2017
Being a Zionist is even worse than being an Islamophobe Israel National News Apr 26, 2017
Leaving Egypt in Haste Phyllis Chesler Apr 10, 2017
Disaffected Catholics do not call for boycotting the Vatican Israel National News Mar 16, 2017
Does UJA have a problem with my opinions? Israel National News Mar 16, 2017
Israel, the country US liberal Jews love to criticize Israel National News Mar 13, 2017
Jezebel and Ancient Times Come to Life in Martha Shelley's Fiction Phyllis Chesler Mar 09, 2017
A Woman's Place Huffington Post Mar 01, 2017
Phyllis Chesler: Are Jews ready to leave America? Fox News Feb 28, 2017
The Lies They Tell - Tuvia Tenenbom's latest book Israel National News Feb 25, 2017
They still can't put the words "terrorism" and "Muslim" in one article Phyllis Chesler Feb 21, 2017
The NYT's Over-the-Top Obsession with Israel and Trump Phyllis Chesler Feb 17, 2017
Trump's Executive Order is quite in order Israel National News Jan 30, 2017
A Gratifying Appraisal of My Work Journal of Women and Therapy Jan 25, 2017
A very busy day… Phyllis Chesler Jan 24, 2017
Our victory in the Israeli Supreme Court Phyllis Chesler Jan 12, 2017
The NYT Is Still At It Phyllis Chesler Dec 30, 2016
Op-ed: The NYTimes does it again! Israel National News Dec 30, 2016
Obama: Father and Son Phyllis Chesler Dec 28, 2016
UN RESOLUTION 2334: OBAMA UNLEASHED Israel National News Dec 24, 2016
I Must Correct An Error in One of My Articles Phyllis Chesler Dec 19, 2016
The real anti-Hanukkah fundamentalists Israel National News Dec 17, 2016
It's That Time Of Year Again When I Throw Myself On Your Mercy And Appeal For Funding Phyllis Chesler Dec 07, 2016
US Intifada: A fire-storm of lies is setting US campuses ablaze Israel National News Nov 29, 2016
Foreword: Jewish Women Speak Out N/A Nov 18, 2016
The season of Very Big Lies, False Narratives, and Diabolical Deeds. Israel National News Nov 17, 2016
Jewish liberals, when will they ever learn? Phyllis Chesler Nov 15, 2016
Women, Judaism and Women of the Wall Hebrew Institute of Riverdale Nov 14, 2016
Anti-Trump protesters don’t know what a real dictator is New York Post Nov 11, 2016
She stood at Berkeley's Sproul Plaza holding an Israeli flag Israel National News Nov 05, 2016
The lowering of the standard for truth among Americans Israel National News Oct 27, 2016
Shabbat Across America Phyllis Chesler Sep 23, 2016
The ongoing NYT propaganda campaign Arutz Sheva Sep 23, 2016
Q & A: Burqas and burquinis Arutz Sheva Sep 01, 2016
A Tribute to My Work NOMAS Jul 29, 2016
President Obama's July 6th greeting to Muslims for Eid al Fitr Arutz Sheva Jul 07, 2016
Refugee Reality New York Post Jun 30, 2016
The American Gulag Israel National News Jun 27, 2016
So what if Orlando terrorist was gay? Motives don't matter when terrorists are shooting Fox News Jun 14, 2016
Denying Reality Will Get Us Killed Phyllis Chesler Jun 13, 2016
Op-Ed: An act of "domestic terrorism" - or part of a larger looming disaster Arutz Sheva Jun 13, 2016
How Many Bodies Will it Take? Phyllis Chesler Jun 13, 2016
This Bigoted Radical Doesn’t Deserve a ‘Feminist Artist’ Award New York Post Jun 01, 2016
Feminist Totally Occupied by Palestine Israel National News May 24, 2016
How Mothers Are Destroyed When They Try to Protect Their Children Phyllis Chesler May 19, 2016
Op-Ed: Israel--not Apartheid; Islam--Nothing but Apartheid Israel National News May 18, 2016
Horrific Domestic Terrorism in Pakistan FrontPage Magazine May 11, 2016
The Heroic Mothers of Lost Children Phyllis Chesler May 10, 2016
Op-Ed: Spilling drops of wine at the Seder - for whom? Arutz Sheva Apr 22, 2016
Welcome to New Website Day! Phyllis Chesler Apr 21, 2016
Op-Ed: A slow motion train wreck with no one to stop it Israel National News Apr 12, 2016
Veiled Betrayal: Respect Muslim Women, But Don't Sell Them Out. New York Post Apr 06, 2016
Op-Ed: Europe's karmic destiny Israel National News Mar 23, 2016
Op-Ed: How long until Arabs and Muslims rule, Britannia? Israel National News Mar 12, 2016
How academia whitewashes Muslim honor killings New York Post Feb 22, 2016
Setting the record straight: Women of the Wall The Times of Israel Feb 05, 2016
Not a Victory Tablet Magazine Feb 03, 2016
Op-Ed: Robert Levinson, US citizen, left behind in Iran Israel National News Jan 18, 2016
Op-Ed: Hijab in the US navy Israel National News Jan 15, 2016
Op-Ed: The other face of Jihad Israel National News Jan 09, 2016
Phyllis Chesler: Psychoanalyst, Feminist, Fearless Spitfire Ravishly Dec 29, 2015
Post-Christmas Annual Appeal N/A Dec 28, 2015
Annual Funding Appeal N/A Dec 18, 2015
Welcome to Hamas West, AKA Connecticut College FrontPage Mag Dec 16, 2015
The Terrorist Wears a Burqa Frontpagemag.com Dec 14, 2015
Op-Ed: Challenging the right to 'Birthright' Israel National News Dec 13, 2015
'Women's studies' is betraying women under Sharia law New York Post Dec 06, 2015
The death knell for Women's Studies Israel National News Nov 30, 2015
The Intifada Comes To Austin FrontPage Mag Nov 25, 2015
How Hitler-era brown shirts took over Hunter College Israel National News Nov 19, 2015
'Political Correctness' about Islam Causing Abandonment of ISIS Sex Slaves FrontPage Mag Nov 18, 2015
Europe is on fire Israel National News Nov 14, 2015
What it's like to talk to a Jewish anti-Zionist troll Israel National News Nov 06, 2015
Installing Jew-Hatred on America's Campuses FrontPage Mag Nov 02, 2015
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