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Posted in: Islamic Gender & Religious Apartheid

Published on Mar 09, 2009 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Will Obama Allow the Islamification of America?

Manchurian Candidate, Simply Overwhelmed, or Asleep at the Wheel?

According to Frank Gaffney, President Obama has allegedly slighted British Prime Minister Gordon Brown—and yet, in truth, Obama seems to be following in Britain's very European pro-Arab and pro-Islamist footsteps.

According to the office of Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, Obama's first call to a foreign head of (a non-existent) state was to him. The White House did not deny that this was so. Obama’s first interview in the foreign media was with Al-Arabiya. According to Daniel Pipes, (who is far from "shocked" by Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's various changes of mind vis a vis Israel), Clinton has insisted, (some say: “suggested”), that Israel speed up the release of funds for Gaza.

The Obama administration is also on record as committed to funding terrorist groups–Hamas–in Gaza, (all good intentions aside, that is what happens to the money that the international community pours into Gaza), and proudly on record as willing to conduct European-style "diplomacy" with states which sponsor terrorism both against Israel and against the West. Yes, I know, the hope is that evil ideologues may hesitate to bomb the countries of leaders who are making eye contact with them, who are employing reason, charm—maybe even music– in an effort to soothe the savage beast.

But Britain has still been at this longer and so far, is more Islamified and pro-Sharia than America. Indeed, Britain is about to hold a conference on March 25th, at the University of London's School of Economics, in which known terrorists will be speaking about "political Islam." Senior British civil servants and police officers will pony up at hefty fee (nearly two thousand pounds) to attend the event which is meant to "improve" their "understanding of radicalism."

However, all is not lost. Heroes are increasingly standing up, heroes who are resisting the Islamification of the West, who are not rolling over and playing dead.

For example, there are Rachel Ehrenfeld, Philippe Karsenty, Geert Wilders: Heroes all, about whom I have previously written.

The indefatigable Ehrenfeld has been fighting for the rights of American authors to tell the truth—yes, even about Islam, without being sued into silence as has happened to many an author in London, which is known as the "libel tourist" capital of the world.

Karsenty stood up to the biggest blood libel of the Intifada of 2000, that concerning the alleged Israeli murder of Mohammed al-Dura in the arms of his father; after many years of a lonely struggle, Karsenty prevailed against France's Channel Two in Paris.

Geert Wilders is now the most popular politician in Holland for his bold, sane exposure of Islamist violence, both in Holland and in the world today. As we know, he was also, and shamefully, recently deported from the UK because he came to show his film Fitna at the request of a member of the House of Lords. The film was seen as "hate speech" or as a film which would "incite hatred."

Now, Douglas Murray, Director of the Center for Social Cohesion, joins their fabled ranks. The same country that deported a sitting member of the Dutch Parliament received, with open arms, Binyam Mohammed, lately of the Guantanamo Bay facilities. Britain has hosted many a sheik and mullah who, in their sermons and teachings, have incited enormous hatred and violence against Jews, Israel, and America and right on into the streets of Great Britain.

Now, the UK has invited Dr. Ibrahim Moussawi who is to speak at the London School of Economics. (Douglas Murray himself was recently disinvited by that London School of Appeasement; Murray was going to moderate a debate about Islam and Liberalism.) Dr Moussawi is a spokesman for the Lebanese-based militant group Hizbollah, whose military arm has been banned in Britain as a terrorist organization. Moussawi is no stranger to hate speech or to inciting hatred. He has allegedly called Jews “a lesion on the forehead of history” and said of Israel: “Pain is the only language that the enemy understands.”

Mr. Murray said that the Home Office would be “beyond hypocrisy” if it allowed Dr Ibrahim Moussawi into Britain just weeks after barring Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician, because of his alleged anti-Muslim views. Murray has written to Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, (who arrnaged for Wilders’ deportation), and informed her that he will have lawyers "seek an arrest warrant for Dr. Moussawi if he is allowed into the country."

Mr Murray said: “This is the deepest hypocrisy, in fact, it is worse than hypocrisy on behalf of the British government… Britain is still a place where terrorists and terrorist supporters can come to incite and recruit.”

I hope that President Obama's administration does not launch a drive to grant a visa to Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and very much his intellectual heir, who is nicely perched at…where else? Oxford University.

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