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Published on Sep 10, 2010 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Fox News

Where's the Outrage?

The double standards and diabolic doublespeak are surreal, unbelievable.

"Offended" (highly choreographed) Muslim mobs rioted after Muslim troublemakers slipped two offensive cartoons into the original, more benign Danish cartoon mix—but most of the Muslim world stands silently by as more radical elements in the faith engage in the gruesome honor murders of Muslim girls and women—by Muslims.

The Muslim world stands silently by as Christians living in the Middle East and south Asia are not allowed to build churches anywhere in the Muslim world. -- In Saudi Arabia, Christians can only pray quietly, inside their own homes; even then, they remain at risk. And yet, when Terry Jones, the minister of a fifty family church in Florida, promises to burn a Koran—all hell breaks loose among the easily "offended."

Muslims are "offended" when European government leaders propose to ban the burqa—to guarantee female citizens their universal human rights; but, many stand by silenty and fail to utter a peep when more radical Muslims throw acid on the faces of young Muslim girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan whose veils are not up to par.

What is wrong with this picture? Why are so many westerners fooled into believing that Islamic religious and gender apartheid is actually a religious practice as opposed to a highly barbaric form of totalitarian misogny?

Many Muslims (and their western left-wing supporters) cry "Islamophobia" when Islamist terrorists are arrested for murdering infidels, but are silent about the Muslim genocidal campaign against Jewish Israel, against Christians in Muslim countries. Likewise, only a few Muslims dare condemn the murder of apostates (those Muslims who leave Islam), by Muslims.

And now—amidst a barrage of western mainstream media coverage which is, likewise, "offended" by any challenge to Imam's Rauf's mega-mosque near Ground Zero—easily "offended" Muslims are silent over the fate of 43 year-old Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian woman who has been imprisoned since 2006, (that means tortured consistently), then flogged one hundred times and who now faces death by stoning. Her crime? Sakineh allegedly committed adultery. This can mean anything from she was raped or dared report it, or that she dared to leave a husband against his will.

The pope came out against her stoning, Brazil offered her asylum, and the European Parliament voted 658-1 against stoning as barbarism.

President Obama has, so far, remained silent.

Make no mistake: The Iranians are still committed to her execution but, perhaps, given the international outcry, they may now just hang her. The Iranian authorities now say she also conspired in the murder of her husband. This may mean that he would not stop beating her and would not free her to leave him and that she had nowhere to turn. It may also mean that the Iranian government is flat out lying.

Iran's leaders deny the European Holocaust. They have instigated deadly terrorist attacks against Jews in Argentina and in Israel. (The mastermind of Hezbollah's Argentinian operation is none other than Iran's current Minister of Defense!) Iran has its sights set on the Gulf's oil fields.

They are a clear and present danger to Western civilization and its values—and to all good Muslims who are in their clutches.

I do not think that Minister Jones' decision was "wise" earlier this week but it was clearly his right to burn the Koran. Many Americans who are now in the Obama administration once proudly burned the American flag on American soil. Rightly or wrongly, our laws protected them.

What do you think is more dangerous: A Florida minister who has had enough of "Offendophobia," the fear that Muslims will riot, bomb, blow us all up when they are "offended" and who wants to bell the cat, so to speak-- or an Islamic state like Iran with nuclear power?

When are Westerners, especially those in the White House and Congress, going to stand up to a nuclear Iran and take it down?

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