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Posted in: Honor Killings

Published on Jul 07, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

When It Comes to Honor Murders (This One Just Took Place in Atlanta), Let's Hear It For The Bloggers! And For Their Readers Too

News of yet another honor murder on American soil (this time in Atlanta, Georgia) is just breaking. The mainstream media is staid and careful and politically correct. The blogosphere is sassy and sarcastic, opinionated and wonderfully irreverent.

I love these bloggers. They know no fear and have no shame and understand that an Islamist war against the West is fully underway and that we must fight back in order to save our civilization and its hard-won values.

A Pakistani father, Chaudhry Rashid, just strangled his 25 year-old daughter, Saneela (or Sandela) Kanwal to death yesterday because she wanted out of her arranged marriage. Kanwal's brother was also present. Rashid's wife, Gina Rashid, described as an African-American woman, (good for that green card), apparently fled the premise in terror as the sounds of murder erupted in a language that was foreign to her. This suggests that she might not have been the biological mother of the murder victim.

The local mainstream media in Atlanta is cautious, careful, "objective," tentative, and tries not to render any political or display any human reaction to the subject. But, at least they are covering it. Bloggers, however, do indeed hold forth. Their readers are even more over-the-top. Here are some early blogosphere opinions.

"STRANGE AMERICAN BELIEF: THERE IS NO HONOR IN MURDER" but apparently that lesson is lost on millions if not billions of folks around the world from places like Pakistan and Iran and India, including (allegedly) this genial character with a million dollar smile: … I've got a clue for this character: In America, we generally frown on treating women like dogs. In fact, we generally don't strangle our dogs to death, either. Enjoy your jail cell.

"He should have waited until they visited Pakistan, then he would have gotten off without so much as a warning."

One Commenter: "Rashad had a seizure shortly after the strangling and was taken to a local hospital for treatment." Should have let the evil bastard lie there and slowly choke to death. How ironic and synchronous would that have been?

Another Commenter: Rashad FAKED a seizure upon arrest, so I suspect. Easily enough done in the USA. Even as we speak (write to one another). Rashad is surrounded by muslim buddies in his hospital room ( a room sans crucifix mind you). Rahsad will be given an alibi by one of his muzz buds or all of his buds will testify that he had been actin' CRAZY for weeks before he strangled his daughter. Follow the case. You'll see. Mark my words.

"You have to pay attention to the story to find the information about the country of origin." "Of course, who are we to pass judgment on the customs of another culture and I am sure as soon as Obama is president all of this sort of stuff will stop because the world will love us. Beside law enforcement seems to have a handle on it. Sorry if you happen to be the female member of a Muslim family who loses your life at the hands of a relative to protect the honor of the family, but you can rest in comfort knowing the full weight of the American judicial system will swinging into action. Unless of course a liberal judge throws it out and sets you killer free. As they say in the Mulsim world, innshallah."

God bless these bloggers and those who publish Comments!

I want to thank Allison Kaplan Sommer for calling this latest honor murder to my attention.

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