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Published on Oct 14, 2015 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Israel National News

What Must Be Done - Now!

It is time to talk about both criminalizing and deporting Israeli Arab Islamist groups, mullahs,MKs, and their most vocal supporters among Arab Israeli citizens; but what does Israel do about their silent supporters, those who will be next-line attackers? Thus, it is also time to grapple with what is even more problematic: the concept of "collective punishment."

With some important exceptions, Israeli Arabs/"Palestinians," have not publicly condemned the zombie-army of teenage stabbers or female human bombs. One such Israeli Arab/"Palestinian," Alla Abu Jamal, worked for Bezeq and in his Bezeq uniform and car, rammed that company car into innocent Jewish Israeli civilians on the street and then got out to stab people, one by one.

Abu Jamal was only one--not many. One--not all. And yet: How does the government propose to stop the next such fifth columnist or lone Jihadist attacker? Please note:

The international community has not rushed forward to condemn this season of Jewish blood. On the contrary. The world media is busily blaming Israel for "having provoked" such attacks; as usual, the world community views Israel as guilty for daring to defend herself competently . Western headlines detail the number of Arab/Palestinian attackers who have been killed rather bitterly and note only in small print, that they were shot dead while attacking innocent civilians

With some important exceptions, the information is in. Israel is on her own. Neither she nor any other country in the region has the strong and principled support of Obama's America.

If so, and for the duration: It is also time to talk about building even more and higher security fences just as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Eastern European countries have done with nary a hint of international opposition.

Really, the time has come for the Jewish state to defend its citizens from those deadly assaults which the Iron Dome cannot deter.

Doing so may require the sacrifice, not only of lives, (as it already has), but of certain cherished principles.

European countries are actually faced with a similar dilemma. How can they keep out the flood of Muslim refugees who commit violent and deadly crimes against each other in refugee camps and in the "no-go," shariah-compliant zones that they have established? How can they maintain law and order in their cities when Muslim criminals are also attacking infidel women, torching infidel property, rolling burning tires into infidel neighborhoods, and, at best, draining the European coffers dry with their obvious need for free housing, health care, education, social work, and food?

Judeo-Christian and post-Enlightenment compassion demands that Western countries "rescue" those in flight from persecution--especially since Muslim countries do not help Muslims in trouble or infidel minorities who their religious brethren have persecuted. To the extent to which Europe elites honestly believe that their former colonial and imperial policies have somehow caused this current refugee influx--suffused by guilt, they are eager to atone, even to the point of cultural suicide.

However, Israel is not and never has been a colonial, imperial power. The Jews are the indigenous people of the region--arguably, only second to the ancient Cannanites.

Here is what innocent, civilian Jews are now facing:

Islamist Muslim religious and political leaders have indoctrinated their teenage as well as adult zombie-armies to stab Jews without warning, to run over them with cars, to stone them, hack them, and shoot them with their own weapons.

I have characterized this before, not only as a "Third Jihad" but as a versionof what religious Catholic Poles did when they beat, stabbed, and hacked Jews to death decades before the Holocaust; it is also an exact pre-cursor to "The Third Reich." Palestinian leaders have presented Jew-murder as a religious obligation. This religious Jihad is also a colonialist enterprise--one that lusts to render the only remaining Jewish remnant in the Muslim Middle East "Judenrein."

Today, Bret Stephens, in the Wall Street Journal describes this behavior as "psychotic" and "evil." I agree. I would also describe it as highly orchestrated, and orchestrated for so long a time that by now the Palestinians have been literally brainwashed.

A leftist Israeli friend called to tell me how "shocked" he was that an attack took place in Kiryat Gat, in Petach Tikva, "within the '49 lines." He really thought that the despised Jewish "settlement" was only on the 'West Bank' or in East Jerusalem.

Said I: "But the odious "settlement" has always been Tel Aviv, it has always been the last Jew standing in a sovereign, Jewish state."

Perhaps this awful wave of violent treachery will wake up sleeping Jews everywhere.

What to do about the non-Israeli Arab/"Palestinian" residents of Gaza and the 'West Bank'? I leave that to other, cooler, and more strategic military and legal experts. An imposed one-state solution a la the brilliant Carolyn Glick? Nine city states for 50 years a la the equally brilliant Dr. Mordechai Kedar?

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