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Published on Apr 21, 2016 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Phyllis Chesler

Welcome to New Website Day!

Welcome! It’s New Website Day.

Welcome to my new website! I will now be able to post and mail out my own articles. I am even considering starting my own blog.

We have come a long way, you and I, in this new 21st century. Together, we have seen the rise of both Jihad and anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism; the rise of radical Islamism and the consequent rise of anti-Americanism, and the most barbaric misogyny (the re-veiling of women, honor killing, honor-based violence, female sexual slavery, child marriage, FGM)--a misogyny that has largely gone unchallenged by Western progressives and feminists who are terrified of being labeled "Islamophobic," and who have been indoctrinated to believe that while all cultures are equal, only Western cultures have sinned.

We have seen the invasion of Europe by anti-Western male Muslim immigrants, their sexual attacks upon each other and upon European women, the heartbreaking photos of refugees drowning in the sea--and the expected, "dhimmi' response of European leaders. The awful plight of Christians in Arab and Muslim countries still remains invisible--the Pope has recently accepted a symbolic number of Muslim-only refugees into the Vatican.

In the West, we have also seen the way in which hate speech has increasingly been protected by the concepts of academic freedom and free speech--and how truth goes begging, barefoot and in rags; how much uglier and louder "Brownshirt" behavior has become both on campuses and at demonstrations; how world heritage landmarks have been systematically destroyed by the Taliban, by ISIS, and by UNESCO, which has just resolved that ancient and precious Jewish sites in Israel are really Muslim sites. Reality continues to outpace Orwell.

The destruction of historical sites is a crime against humanity--and the UN, completely ineffective in stopping genocide, has been effective in one thing only: legalizing Jew hatred, blaming Israel for defending herself, scapegoating Israel for the considerable crimes that Muslims commit against each other and against infidels, and in denying Jewish history in Israel.

I have been writing about all these themes--and more--from 2002 on. I would welcome other themes, less grave, less significant but these are the times in which we live and these are the important issues we face.

I hope matters improve; I fear they will only get worse. Americans are dangerously polarized and things may grow violent. I hope that civil wars do not break out in our fair land.

However, there are some bright spots, both collectively and personally.

When earthquakes and mudslides occur—people, including Americans and Israelis--rush to the rescue.

Artists are still amazing us in concert, dance, and opera halls, in museums, and on city streets.

Medical and scientific cures are magical; had we been born in a previous century most of us would have died at much younger ages and our lives would have been much harder.

Fewer women die in childbirth than at any other time in history.

As hard as this to believe, Americans still have our freedoms; they are precious, and fragile.

Courageous truth-tellers are hard at work, opposing the junking of knowledge by ideologues..

Speaking personally: I am blessed. I am a writer who has been published many times over and in many languages. I have been able to write about what I believe in. I am fulfilling my destiny. I am working on a new book right now, my seventeenth.

I am an academic--retired, but post-retirement, I am still hard at work, conducting my fifth study on honor killing. When asked, I submit affidavits for women in flight from being honor killed and in search of asylum. When mothers who are fighting for custody, when good mothers lose custody—they often reach out to me. I try to “be there” for them. To be able to help people and to save lives is a great and humbling privilege.

I am a woman and I have a very supportive partner, very special friends, a very respectful readership, a loving son, and the most delicious grandchildren and a daughter-in-law who is the best possible mother on earth.

On good-weather days, my bones can still dance. I have seen London, I have seen France....

Happy Passover to my people and to our many friends.

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