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Posted in: Anti-Semitism

Published on Nov 28, 2018 by Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon

Published by Israel News Talk Radio - Beyond the Matrix

“We Are Not Safe”

The headline for this program came from an outcry at a gathering requested by Jewish high school students of school, and Jewish community defense groups in Woodbridge, Connecticut about virulent anti-Semitism from fellow non-Jewish students. Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon of Israel News Talk Radio- Beyond the Matrix bring back Dr. Phyllis Chesler, noted American politically incorrect feminist, author and activist. We delve into the question of why virulent anti-Semitism has spiked following the massacre of Jewish worshippers at the Etz Hayim synagogue in Pittsburgh a month ago. Chesler noted the transition from anti-Semitic vandalism on synagogues, Jewish schools and cemeteries to wanton violence and mass murders. It seems as she said that American Jews are sleep walking thinking that violence against Jews in Israel and Europe couldn’t happen here. However, with Pittsburgh it has shaken Jewish confidence that what happened there has occurred here. We discuss why anti-Zionism – the New Anti-Semitism has been rooted in the politically correct accommodation of Islamic Jew hatred on many elite college campuses. It is promoted by groups like Students for Justice for Palestine and the BDS efforts of allied leftist groups intimidating Jewish students and tolerated by Administrations who do not wish to offend Arab financial contributors. Exemplary of that was the demise of the well-respected Institute for the Study of global Anti-Semitism by Dr. Charles Small at Yale University because of unwillingness of faculty to address Muslim Antisemitism. We addressed the tolerance of Antisemitic leaders of the Women’s March, especially that of Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American organizer who espouses blood libels against Israel and American supporters because of ‘dual loyalties’ and had been a supporter virulent racist Anti-Semitic views of Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Chesler views as problematic the recent reasoned decision of a US Federal Appellate Court Judge declaring unconstitutional a 25-year-old Federal ban against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation, despite the existence of 27 state laws offering various degrees of criminalization of the predatory practice. It awaits possible filing for the Supreme Court or Congressional actions correcting the defects in the federal legislation. We raised the issue of the case of the Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi jailed for 8 years under the country’s Islamic Blasphemy Laws and released by Supreme Court ruling to an uncertain fate. Chesler that not one Western country, including the UK, Canada, France and the US has not offered sanctuary to Bibi and her family. Then she referred to the recent European Court of Human Rights ruling virtually enforcing Islamic blasphemy codes. The court denied an appeal of a 2011 case in Austria fining Austrian human rights advocate Elisabeth Sabaditsch – Wolff about the Prophet Mohammed pedophilia – the marriage of Aisha at age 6, consummated at age 9. Chesler drew attention to how the Jews were driven by violence from Arab lands 70 years ago with the establishment of the State of Israel. Meanwhile as she pointed out Christians like the Copts in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East face the daily threats of violence like the Jews of rape, murder and flight to their respective Diasporas. When asked about what to do about the re-emergence of deadly Antisemitism that occurred in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in this country, Chesler said Jews should stop sleepwalking, applaud the courage of Jewish high school students in Connecticut who cried out to oppose Antisemitism in all its forms.

Please listen to the interview here.

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