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Published on Jun 20, 2013 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by The Times of Israel

UNICEF's Blood Libel Against Israel

UNICEF has just released a report which constitutes a Blood Libel against the state of Israel. The UN body claims that Israeli forces have mistreated Palestinian children and have "degraded" and "tortured" those in custody.

The world media is picking this up as is the Israeli left media.

UNICEF has not released a similar report which focuses on the systematic use of Palestinian children as human shields by Palestinian jihadists; on the increase in honor killings of Palestinian daughters by their Palestinian families on the West Bank and in Gaza; or on the sophisticated indoctrination of Palestinian children by Palestinian adults into becoming suicide killers.

In the more than fifty UNICEF reports on the "state of Palestine," it blames Israel for whatever harm comes to Palestinian children. And, when UNICEF does look at the horrifying war raging in Syria, these reports do not register psychologically with a global community eager to believe that Israel is the worst country in the world.

While child abuse atrocities are true in most countries in the Middle East, they are absolutely not true in Israel—not in terms of either Israeli or Palestinian children in custody.

While Israel is not perfect, (what country can be?) it is the most stable and least violent country in the region. The adult Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails—even those with blood on their hands—receive better treatment than they would in Palestinian jails and better treatment than Arabs receive in Arab jails. Palestinian prisoners have many comforts, good medical care, prayer time, exercise time, access to books, newspapers, television, and to each other. According to some of Dr. Anat Berko's Palestinian jailed female terrorist interviewees, they report that their stay in an Israeli jail affords them a safer, less violent life than the one they had at home.

Nevertheless, the Big Lies keep coming at us and the Western media continues to insist on believing that Israelis are capable of the most demonic behavior—precisely because it is not true.

Israel is not an Apartheid state—Islamic states are the largest practitioners of gender and religious apartheid. Israel is not a "Nazi" state—although European intellectuals who have maxed out on Holocaust guilt, insist that "what happens in Israel is just like Auschwitz."

These were the points made last night by Israeli journalist, Ben Dror Yemini who spoke at a parlor meeting arranged by Jacob Kimchy, the publisher of TLV (Tel Aviv) Faces, in the gracious home of Dr. Barbara Chasen and her husband, Rafael Rubinstein. Yemini, is a sweet, and self-effacing man. He made small jokes, ("journalists are people who know nothing about everything" but he was very serious.

"The industry of Lies against Israel is unbelievable, both the micro-lies and the mega-lies. When Ilan Pappe, an Israeli Jewish academic, accused Israel of wanting to "transfer populations" ("transfer=ethnic cleansing), Pappe directly misquoted Israeli public policy which, at the time, clearly stated that all Palestinian Arabs who were currently citizens of Israel may stay where they are—or may choose to leave, voluntarily, to join a Palestinian state.

Yemini published a piece titled: "Ilan is a Liar."

Yemini said: Another Israeli journalist claimed that the "IDF ties Palestinians onto donkeys and then sends them into the wilderness to die." This Big Lie was picked up by the global media. "There is one problem. This never happened."

According to Yemini, "When Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu spoke at the General Assembly of the United Nations, he said that the Jewish state will protect the rights of all citizens. Professor Joseph Massad wrote that 'Tel Aviv is the only Western city which has no Muslim inhabitant and that "Bibi has just called to expel 1.6 million Palestinian Israeli citizens."

The reversals of truth, the projection of Arab and Palestinian behavior onto Jews and Israel is stunning and overwhelming. According to Yemini, the Arab League's detailed plan was to "exterminate the Jews." And they are now falsely accusing the Jews of committing what they themselves have desired to do.

Israel has been accused of being one of the ten most violent countries in the world. I checked reliable statistics and found that 86 million people were killed, globally, in the time after World War Two. From 1948 until today, when Israel was forced to fight one war of self-defense after another, 60,000 people were killed. Israel's contribution to world violence is negligible, less than half of of 1%. "

"If you check the World Health Organization and World Bank statistics, you will find that infant mortality among the Palestinians has decreased dramatically; the people in Gaza are living more comfortably than the people in Turkey—in fact, the Mavi Marmara should have sailed from Gaza to Turkey! Palestine receives more foreign aid than any other group or country or group of refugees; and Israel's contribution to humanity (in terms of medical, technological, and scientific discoveries, etc.) outweighs the contribution of all Arab and Muslim states."

It is very late in the propaganda wars both against Israel and America. We must speak the truth as often and as prominently as possible. And, we must find ways of taking the offensive in terms of Truth Telling. The season of Big Lies has got to stop.

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