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Posted in: Culture Wars & Censorship

Published on Apr 14, 2021 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by New English Review

Today’s Brief Thought

Playwright Peter Weiss, of Marat/Sade fame had this to say about the “righteously” oppressed taking their revenge. The words belong to the Marquis de Sade as he views the future of revolution.

“Now I see where

this revolution is leading

To the withering of the individual


and a slow merging into


in a state

which has no contact with


but which is impregnable.”

Weiss may be talking about the French Revolution or, more likely, the Soviet Communist disaster. However, Russian friend assures me that millions of Russians still love Stalin.

Methinks what Weiss is saying could describe the dreadful arc of what we now call “Cancel Culture” and the tyranny of online engine sites. I have just been told that I must post a “disclaimer” on some/all of my pieces to indicate that my views are mine alone. And, I cannot boost many of my articles to obtain a larger readership if my subject is Islamic gender and religious apartheid, Israel, or the transgender issue.

As Weiss said: Conformity, uniformity, and the “withering of the individual.”

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