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Published on Mar 18, 2009 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

"The Battle for Liberty, The Struggle Against Despotism."

An Interview with Author Jamie Glazov

For six years, Jamie Glazov has been my editor at Frontpage magazine. While he is still the editor there, Glazov is now also the author of a new and very important book, one that was hard for me to read, but even harder for me to put down. It was "hard" because, like so many others, I was once an admirer of the Left , a woman of the Left; that story.

Glazov's sobering, gripping, and very well written work, United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror, ( WND Books/WorldNetDaily), should be required reading at every university. Psycho-analysts, many of whom are, themselves, in "denial," and left-wing intellectuals everywhere, need to grapple with Glazov's information and point of view. His subject concerns the survival of the human race and the tragic blood letting that has been done in the name of progressive, even salvational ideology.

The modern infatuation with tyranny; the belief that if humanity is to improve humanity, that they can only do so through cruelty, repression, and mass murder, including genocide, is a terrifying reality and one that Glazov analyzes carefully, almost surgically. Although the information is now in about Stalin, Mao, Castro–and their most logical and terrifying descendents, the Islamist-jihadists, nevertheless, thinking, caring leftists and fellow traveler progressives, dare not acknowledge the evil that has been done for the sake of "good," lest doing so will force them to take responsibility and experience guilt for all the blood shed on their watch.

Freud might say that Glazov is trying to strengthen Eros, the life force, in us and is doing monumental battle with Thanatos, the death instinct. In this work, Glazov has gone beyond Alice Miller and Eric Hoffer.

I congratulate him and I strongly recommend the work.

Earlier today, I interviewed him. Although we may have more to say to each other, I wanted to share this with my readers quickly.


Q: What kind of response to the book have you received so far? Has anything surprised you? If so, what?

A: The response has been very positive. I am a bit surprised that United in Hate has been gaining critical acclaim — as WorldNetDaily.com has reported. There has been a wide reception, and I've been invited on many big radio shows, including G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Savage and Dennis Prager. The reviews have also been positive and the book hit pretty far up on the Amazon rankings (in the 200s). Within hours of United in Hate's release, the book was No. 1 among books relating to communism on Amazon. So this is pretty encouraging and exciting.

Q: Have there been any mainstream, liberal, or left reviews? Even attacks, which would have to acknowledge that your book and ideas exist.

A: Naturally there have been no mainstream, liberal or left reviews. This is just a given and I don't expect them to ever materialize. You know about all of this very well Phyllis, yourself being a freedom fighter that the Left has tried to push into spheres of invisibility. This is what the Left does to its political opponents when it cannot eliminate them: it simply writes them out of history and reality, just as Soviet history books simply wrote people it didn't want to exist out of its history books.

Look at how non-conservative institutions in the literary culture – the New York Review of Books, the New Republic, the New York Times, and the Washington Post – have studiously ignored the works of David Horowitz since he moved out of leftist ranks. Tell me if I missed something, but what liberal medium in the literary culture covered your book, Phyllis, The Death of Feminism, that dealt powerfully and courageously with how Western leftist feminists have abandoned women who suffer under Islamic gender apartheid? And you are right by the implication of your question: by ignoring United in Hate, the Left is able to simply pretend that the ideas that it puts forward do not exist.

Q: Have you been invited to speak on any non-conservative radio or television programs? On any university campuses?

A: No, of course not. The Left is not interested in dialogue. At Frontpagemag.com, David Horowitz has for years been asking me to invite liberals and leftists to come and have dialogue with us, and a few of them agree sometimes, but the overwhelming majority just call me names in return or tell me to forward some kind of nasty personal attack to David. While we invite dialogue, can you imagine The Nation inviting David Horowitz for a discussion on its pages?

I may in the future give some talks on some campuses, but I'm going to need to have some body guards, seeing that radical leftists and radical Muslims aren't to interested, in, well, let's just say a peaceful exchange of ideas.

Q: As you well understand, I ask these questions first because your answer constitutes important political information, straight from the cultural "front."

But now, to the book itself. How long did it take to write?

A: I have been thinking of it almost all of my life, because my guts were in pain as I witnessed leftists denouncing America, the country I hold dear, and making excuses for the worst tyrannies in the world. After 9/11, when I saw the Left celebrate the crime against humanity that the Islamists perpetrated, I decided to sit down and write something that would expose the impulse that leads leftists to embrace murderous monsters. It took me three years to write it.

Q: Tell me something about your background in terms of your family and your own educational pedigree.

A: I was born in the Soviet Union. It was a regime that massacred millions of my people. It was one of the most evil regimes in world history. My parents, Yuri and Marina Glazov, were dissidents and they stood up against the despotism. My dad was a warrior for freedom whose torch I have proudly grasped to run further with. My mother is a poet who dedicated her life to the soul's yearning to create and to move toward the Divine. She could never stomach the totalitarian state's lust to suffocate the human being's imagination, individuality and creativity. And she has stood on the frontlines all of her life against that serpent in its earthly incarnation. Because of that, she has always played a huge role in my thirst for freedom and my passion to defend it.

We were able to eventually escape the Soviet hell and come to America. I fell in love with this country, and I have dedicated my life to defending it and its beautiful values.

I have a Ph.D. in History which has given me a strong foundation to make a study of the pathologies of the Left.

Q: What would you like to accomplish with this work? Give me the idealistic answer, then the realistic answer.

A: My book is written to expose the Left. I wish for United in Hate to help rip the mask off of the Left – the mask that helps leftists pretend that they are humanitarians who care about social justice. But they couldn't care less about social justice. If they did, they would be screaming with moral indignation in the streets in defense of the victims of honor killings behind the Islamic Iron Curtain. They would be outraged at ideologies and systems that impose forced segregation and forced marriage and forced veiling on women. They would be engaged in mass demonstrations against the reality that 6,000 girls a day are genitally mutilated in the Muslim world and they would demand a denunciation of the Islamic teachings and ideologies that engender that holocaust against women.

If leftists cared about real actual people and real actual human rights, the name Aasiya Hassan would be constantly on their lips. She is the Muslim woman who was recently beheaded by her husband Muzzammil Hassan in Buffalo. Where is the Left in its demand for an international investigation of this crime? Where are the Women's Studies Departments all across American campuses calling for committees and government and non-government bodies to immediately launch investigations into what Islamic theologies inspired and sanctioned this beheading? Where are their cries that such theologies be immediately repudiated and brought to account?

Ideally, United in Hate will help arm many people across the world with the knowledge of the leftist charade and therefore help all freedom loving people to confront and defeat the Left and its destructive agenda.

Realistically, what will the book accomplish? Well I don't know. Even if a handful of people can understand the malicious agenda of the Left better, and even if a handful of people get inspired to get on the frontlines to fight for our freedoms — and on behalf of the persecuted peoples under Islamism, even that can make a difference in our battle for liberty, and in our struggle against despotism.

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