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Reviews and Interviews about the Gefen edition of The New Anti-Semitism.

Dear Reader and Supporter:

Please share with me these timely reviews and interviews with me about the new Gefen Publishing edition of The New Anti-Semitism. Two television programs will soon air, one in the United States, the other in Canada and as soon as I have the clips I will post them at my website. Here you go:


Chesler's 'The New Antisemitism': A Timely Warning, Renewed by Joel Pollack

In 2003, the liberal feminist Phyllis Chesler published The New Antisemitism. It was partly a reaction to the events of 9/11, partly a protest against the left's anti-Israel posture posture amidst the terror of the second intifada. But it was also the culmination of a lifetime of struggle as Chesler was forced, again and again, to confront the unique bigotry that had been embraced by those she had regarded as comrades in the push for women's rights.


Israelis Blamed for Provoking Terror Attacks?

Governor Huckabee was his usual gracious and genial self and he "got it" completely in terms of the religious war that has been declared against infidels and against the West. For those who missed it, here is my interview about the recent pogrom in an Israeli synagogue and what it means for all of us.

Israel National News

A Decade Later, "The New Anti-Semitism" Comes of Age by Fern Sidman

Originally written after 9/11, the updated version of this important work shows how much worse Jew-hatred has become. It cannot be wished away.

When I began reading Professor Phyllis Chesler's updated book "The New Anti-Semitism", I seemed to hear a collective sigh saying "this hasn't come a minute too soon." And thanks to the excellent research and prophetic analysis of the acclaimed author, lecturer and activist, the reader is afforded the necessary context and perspective with which to understand the invidious phenomenon of contemporary Jew hatred.

New English Review

On the Re-Issue of The New Antisemitism: an Interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler by Jerry Gordon

Antisemitism is like a bad penny. It keeps turning up in different forms, whether in ancient Christian or Islamic doctrines, medieval blood libel or notorious forgeries like the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" by the Czarist secret police. Virulent antisemitism was the foundation of Hitler's final solution, the murder of six million European Jewish men, women and children during the Holocaust of World War II. Antisemitism was transformed following the establishment of the State of Israel as a bastion for refugees from both the Shoah and expulsion of more than 850,000 Jews from Arab and Muslim lands. Mass immigration of Muslims to Europe and the West fostered an Orwellian version: "Anti-Israelismis Antisemitism." It effectively turned the Jewish nation into the world Jew, an object of scorn as the dhimmi usurper in the Muslim Middle East.

The Jewish Week

The Line Between Anti-Israel And Anti-Semitic by Stewart Ain

Q: In the first edition of your book, you said the centuries-old hatred of the Jew is enjoying a renaissance in the guise of being anti-Israel. Has that definition changed in this new edition?

A: Several things have changed. Yes, anti-Zionism is still partly what is new about the new anti-Semitism.

At the United Nations, things have only gotten more surreal, dangerous and sickening. In addition to the UN and international human rights groups, academics, celebrities and the Students for Justice in Palestine are condemning Israel for crimes that Israel never committed. And there is a boycott of Israel simply because it exists as a form of Jewish sovereign power.

Israel National News

The 'New Anti-Semitism' Comes of Age - And How to Deal With It by Fern Sidman

Acclaimed author Phyllis Chesler charts the rise of a new kind of Jew-hatred, and explains why her book is more important now than ever.

In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the United States, internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and Arutz Sheva columnist Prof. Phyllis Chesler walked over to her computer and typed the sentence: "Now we are all Israelis."

Sun News Network

The Rise of Anti-semitism

Although Michael Coren is a supporter of Israel, this turned out to be a rather spirited debate about whether there really is a new anti-Semitism or not; whether anti-Zionism is truly anti-Semitism; whether individual Jews are really at risk in the West; and whether individual Jews who are, for example, stabbed to death because they are Jews—and at prayer in West Jerusalem—is or is not an act of anti-Semitism as opposed to an act of "suffering" Palestinians against "occupying" Israelis. Alas, I only had about six minutes to deal with these important questions. Perhaps Coren will have me back for a longer segment sometime soon.

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