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Published on Dec 05, 2010 by

Published by Uppity Woman

Phyllis Chesler: "Did Second Wave Feminism Destroy Women? Nonsense!"

When you read Phyllis Chesler, you should be reminded that she was a major leader of the Second Wave Feminism movement, before she got skewered by her cohorts for refusing to be Politically Correct regarding things about which she is an expert who combines first-hand experience coupled with exhaustive dedicated research. This would include the subjects of Islamofascism, Honor Killings and other Sharia-Related threats which the current wave of Feminists-Turned-Politically-Correct refuse to acknowledge at the peril of all women. She has continually risked her life and her livelihood because of it.

It's not just about the Left. The Far Right bedroom-meddlers skewer her too. You might recall that I called for a ban against any links to Pajamas Media on this blog–after they removed her column. You should refresh your memory here before reading any further.

Phyllis Chesler ticks off both sides daily for YOUR daughters who might be too busy making Haul Videos on Youtube to notice what is happening to the rights of women, bit by bit, piece by piece.

I just want you to understand that Phyllis Chesler thinks of what is best for women at her own peril. She stands alone because of it. What does that tell you? There isn't a person reading this who shouldn't wish we had fewer PC cowards and more Phyllis Cheslers Noticing What Is Really Going On, not only with women throughout the world, but right here in the USA.

Read more about what the Second Wave achieved that women today take for granted here. And don't forget to leave a comment for the little piggies in the comment section.


Megan Fox's 1950s-inspired tirade and Phyllis' response have stirred many thoughts in my mind, and I hope you don't mind if I share them.

I'll tell you who I think "Failed": A nearly non-existent Third Wave who took their rights for granted. They took those rights for granted because somebody else stood in the rain and snow to give them those rights. Complacency: It's the Enemy. But it's the Friend of those who would love to continue the Whittling Away at the gains that were made by the Second Wave.

I can think of a number of times during the past two years when 20,000 "Third Wave" women should have appeared in force on the Capitol steps. Instead, what we saw were press releases and some comments that nobody with any power paid attention to, because if they did pay attention, Health Care "Reform" wouldn't be the travesty it is today, the announcement that women really don't need those mammograms that cost money, or even have to do breast exams (until they already have cancer) would have never DARED be published, Stupak wouldn't have even been a thought and Harry Reid wouldn't have duped women with his fake Paycheck Fairness Act game just before election day–when he already had two full years to pass it easily. The Press would have never gotten away with the crap they pulled on Hillary Clinton, because their lobby would have been barnstormed at the first hint of the filth coming out of the mouths of the likes of Chris Matthews, not to mention Keith suggesting that someone take her in a room and only he come out. I won't even get into that pig Glenn "The Psychosis that is Chickdom" Beck.

When the Second Wave made this country understand it was serious, a guy like Barack Obama would never have been calling female reporters Sweetie, nor would he have suggestively implied to two women that his phone was vibrating in his pants and it wasn't really his boner, much less would he have made snide remarks discussing Hillary's "Periodic" blues. He would have never told a female reporter covering the BP oil spill that he wanted to hear more about the tar balls she found in her bathing suit. His adolescent speech writer would have never shown up on the internet humping a cardboard-cutout of Hillary Clinton. Alan Simpson would have instinctively known he would be run out of DC on a rail for making his Tit remark. These are NOT cute, funny, endearing things, ladies. These are erosive Signs of disrespect, disdain and a belief that women are a man's objects for his own amusement and pleasure–and they are not to be taken seriously except as an object of sexual jokes and pleasure. When this behavior comes from a President of the United States, shit rolls downhill into every facet of women's lives, by degrees. I just don't know how else to put it. What part of this are so many women having trouble understanding? If you don't expect respect, you won't get any.

Truthfully, every second-waver I know instinctively knew Barack Obama was a pig who not only didn't give a rat's ass about women, but actually didn't like them much at all. If you aren't convinced yet, I honestly do not know what to do with your Density Quotient. This is NOT What A Feminist Looks Like and he does not fear the power of women or their voting block one bit, else he would have never used their health care as a bargaining chip for votes. He did it because He Could and He Could because he has no fear or respect for the Third Wave's ability to elect, re-elect or Un-elect, even though women do have that power by sheer numbers. You can bet that when he was planning his attack on women with the Stupak Amendment, he and his advisors said at least once with a grin, "Where else are they gonna go?". When they don't see the power, they have no respect. This is true for every voting block. He knows he's Got Em because they let him get away with assaults on women's rights and never really push back in a meaningful way, in a way that matters to him. Ditto for Harry Reid and Congress in general. For two years that party gave women exactly what again? The Lilly Ledbetter Act with the Paycheck Fairness Act stripped from it. A snowball in the summertime. It melts right in your hand. It's as simple as that. If I had one hope for women today, it would revolve around a wish that they would stop giving Barack Obama and the Democratic Party continual free passes when they don't stand firm on behalf of women as they have continually promised to do but have failed to do for decades.

The rest of the truth is, once the Second Wave took hold and made sure this patriarchy knew we weren't just blowing smoke and we expected our rights to be respected, our politicians and media wouldn't have even tried the crap they are pulling today. And the sexist pig ads we see on TV and in magazines wouldn't have even been a consideration. The Megan Fox's were out there and I can assure you they weren't calling the movement a failure. What IS a failure is the unwillingness of the next wave to be good, vigilant and forceful stewards after- the- fact. Women like Fox wouldn't be acting like women who don't follow their line are the reason for every social ill –and that their perfect utopian selves should be in charge of everyone's lives, positions in the patriarchy and bedrooms — so that the far right can complete the circle of placing your bright daughters with awesome futures into the kitchen bearing as many children as possible–including, if necessary, the "Make Lemonade" child of a psycho who decided to rape her one night.

For these people, this is all about abortion and birth control, and how they want you to live the life they tell you to live, and nothing else. Their obsession with everyone's sex life and personal life has gone past legendary and they see an opening: A HUGE opening given to them as a gift from comparatively complacent stewards known as the Third Wave. The fact is, these people know that once they get control of women's reproductive organs, they control everything about women, including their lot in life and their futures–a hallmark of organized religions in general. I hate to clue anybody in on this, but Barack Obama knows this too. He has been far more hellpful to the far right than he has been to you. If 20,000 women didn't show up to protest on the day he signed the Stupak Amendment, I don't know when they ever will show up.

So, before anyone addresses the Second Wave, might I please point out that You Can't Argue With Results. Results that saved plenty of women from a dominating patriarchy who viewed women as their servants. You can't argue with results, but you can see results reversed by being complacent and imagining It Can't Happen, while your detractors blame you for every social ill under the sun as proof of how awful you really are for not being what someone else demands you should be–just like the days Pre- Second Wave.

We are fighting Theocracies in other countries and we have our own theocrats seeking to rule our lives right here. That's the Religious Right's narrow focus as they try to shove their personal beliefs onto you until you toe their oppressive line carved by their religious views. They no longer separate God's Work from God's Job. They try to do God's job daily. Most women know this. However, it's not just the far right doing this. No sir. While the PC Third Wave watches, smiles and nods, strong Sharia supporters with intentions creep. They creep into the White House. They creep into the universities. They creep you out. I really cannot understand how anyone can notice one clear threat to American women's freedoms and not notice the other even more frightening threat. Do you believe Sharia law is compatible with the Constitution and that it should be considered in a court of law like it was in New Jersey, where a brain-dead judge ruled in favor of a husband who repeatedly raped his wife and pleaded innocent because of his religion? If you don't, then you really need to rethink your complacency about placing religions and cultures from other lands before our own laws–which, imperfect as they are, at least recognize that rape and violence against ALL women is illegal. The Second Wave fought repeatedly against lax laws on rape and domestic violence. Though these laws are once again not perfect, do the women of America really want to Undo what has been achieved for the sake of Political Correctness?

Ok, I know I've been going on and on and on, so I will leave you with this one thought: While all of this is happening around us, who do we see defending the Second Wave and all women who want to make their own choices, without a hint of Political Correctness? The Third Wave? Nope! Phyllis Chesler. If the inheritors of the work of the Second Wave were awake, people like Megan Fox wouldn't even have an opportunity to pull this Pie In The Sky 1950s Father Knows Best crap, because she would be a gnat in the crowd. The inertia is glaring, and to compound the problem, it's spilling over to affect the lives and peace of gays and lesbians as well.

I do wish Women's Right's leaders would actually do something significant about all the sexism in this country that grows daily with blessings from our leaders on BOTH sides, from advertising to the media to Capitol Hill and the White House — because if they don't, women can plan on watching the Megan Fox's of this country turn their TVs black and white again while they watch Leave It To Beaver. Because the Democratic Party sure as hell doesn't have any real interest in standing up for women. Never have they proven it more than in the past two years. Any woman who doesn't see this by now deserves to be Megan Fox's target. Women are on their own. They had best figure that out before it's too late–and what they are doing now is not effective enough.

Please take heed, Third Wave, because you are losing – and both parties are helping to make that happen– together. I don't worry for myself. I had my time. I would like to see the same opportunities for all women in the future, and quite frankly, I don't wish "Starting Over" on any of them. The Second Wave was not a piece of cake. Cherish and protect what it gave you or give it all up in the end.

Once again, I request that anyone who is considering contributing to this blog in the near future, please reroute your donation to Phyllis Chesler. Keep her going! There are plenty of people who are working very hard to make sure her work disappears from the net, both Left and Right.

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