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Published on May 05, 2020 by ALASTAIR ROBERTS

Published by Adversaria Podcast

Phyllis Chesler and "A Politically Incorrect Feminist"

Lesbian Life: Take the time to listen to the video included. It is read by a man, which initially I was NOT in favour with, but I listened and found myself entranced with his take on the feminist movement, which was refreshing. And of course because Phyllis is a treasure, we absolutely need to hear her voice. We are witness to the same proclivities of human frailty that she talks so eloquently of in this book. Women don't want leaders, they tear down anyone who sticks their head above the parapet, as we've witnessed with PP, Julie Bindel et al. Yes, women are full of both good and evil, we all fall down as imperfect human beings, but that does not make our voices less valid. I am going to buy this book, it is a record of our history and a road map on how to build fail-safes for the human condition. Take the time to listen and discuss in comments. We need to become more aware and vigilant about our movement.

Phyllis Chesler, ‘A Politically Incorrect Feminist’


In this video I discuss Phyllis Chesler’s riveting memoir of second wave feminism, A Politically Incorrect Feminist.

Watch here.

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