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Published on Sep 04, 2015 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Israel National News

Obama's Doomsday Machine

The game was over the minute Americans elected President Obama for the second time. He then knew that he could implement, quite autocratically, despotically, some might even say, traitorously—his own personal foreign policy which consists of weakening America's importance in the world; humiliating Israel even further on the world stage; recognizing (communist) Cuba despite its enormous legacy of persecuting its own people and without demanding a single change; and financially arming (totalitarian) Iran so that the mad mullahs may wage further attacks against civilians, both in Israel, America, and throughout the Middle East.

Obama is a cold and calculating Doomsday machine. He is also a very angry man.

And yet, many Beautiful People share his point of view. Not one of them would agree with my opening paragraph. They would argue that most people are good and can change—even the leaders of a Death Cult; that we have to "give peace a chance;" that we cannot cruelly impose sanctions on a suffering populace—as if the mullahs actually plan to build hospitals and universities with this money.

They would further argue that America can't police the world—true enough; that delaying an Iranian nuclear holocaust by 15 years is a great accomplishment; that "black (male) lives matter" more—and that Arabs and Palestinians are like American black men who are, allegedly, being wantonly killed by white police officers; that jihadists who have killed American soldiers on American soil are really mentally ill loners with unfortunate access to guns; that the suffering of 60 million Christian, Muslim, and Yazidi refugees and displaced persons have little to do with Islamist terrorism; and, that we are not at war.

Yes, many educated and decent people really say and think and desperately want to believe all this. The alternative would mean that they would have to admit that there are radically evil people in the world who have declared war against Israel and America and against the values of Western civilization.

Obama may now believe that he can refuse to arm Israel with bunker-buster bombs. He may now think that by championing an anti-Zionist J Street that he "owns" (or has silenced) the Jewish-American street. He does not seem to care that the majority of Americans oppose this non-deal deal with Iran and the way he went about obtaining it, and that American media editorials from coast to coast are on record about this. He does not mind that he had to strong-arm Democrats into voting for a very bad deal.

Why should he? All despots--excuse me, all Beloved Leaders--know they have to break some eggs in order to make an omelet.

Continued frenzy over voting is now diversionary. Long ago, Obama chose to baldly bypass Congress when he went to the United Nations Security Council in order to lift sanctions. He cannot walk this back. Russia and China will be selling weapons to Iran as will Europe.

We must ensure that Obama does sell bunker-buster bombs to Israel. We must ensure that American sanctions are not lifted. In fact, we must work hard to impose even more American-only sanctions. Sanctions are the only reason Iranians bothered to talk to Secretary of State, John Kerry.

As former Navy Seal, Ken Stethem said at the anti-Iran deal rally in NYC: "People, this is a Paul Revere moment. Ride well."

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