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Published on May 10, 2011 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by NewsRealBlog

Just Who Nominated Tony Kushner WON'T Surprise You

When I first described the City University of New York as the Communist University of New York, I had no idea how right I was.

It seems that Dr. Michael Meeropol, the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, is one of two professors at John Jay College who nominated Tony Kushner for this honorary degree. Meeropol is a professor of economics.

No, I do not think that the Rosenbergs should be prosecuted over and over again; I do believe that Julius Rosenberg has been proven guilty over and over again. Meeropol's brother Robert has admitted that his father was guilty of being a spy for the Soviet Union.

Meeropol is currently a Visiting Professor of Economics at John Jay. Both he and Professor Amy Green, also at John Jay, nominated Tony Kushner.

No, I am not opposed to CUNY faculty holding "communist" views. I merely oppose the fact that this view trumps and silences all other views and that few left-wing American intellectuals have wrestled with the enormously horrendous crimes of Stalin and Mao. Few take any responsibility for the failures committed in the name of this ideology and set of ideals. Instead, to absolve themselves of all culpability, they claim permanent victimhood and persecution, and focus obsessively on the crimes committed by Western capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and racism and utterly fail to note these same crimes when non-Western civilizations of color, especially Islamic civilizations, commit them.

Right now, the left-wing CUNY faculty are exulting in their spurious "win." They expect a huge media turnout on June 3, graduation day, to further magnify and glorify their demonization of Israel.

CUNY Board of Trustee member, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld has been deluged with a massive amount of hate mail.

This is not surprising.

The CUNY faculty, union, and administrative staff are functioning much as Professor Martin Heidegger did when he intellectually dignified the defamation, shaming, and firing of Jewish professors in Nazi Germany. The CUNY self-congratulators are functioning under "Heidegger Rules."

A former CUNY professor has suggested that once the full Board of Trustees tabled the motion regarding Kushner's award, the Executive Committee, a sub-committee of the full board, did not really have the legal right to untable that motion or to call for a new vote–which is precisely what it did. I do not excel in these areas. Perhaps the now-defamed Jeffrey Wiesenfeld might consult a lawyer on this and on several other points.

This loud clamor of support for Kushner further legitimizes his (and their own) pro-Palestinian, pro-Soviet, and anti-Israel views.

Shame on this professoriate for seeking to legitimize true genocide and terrorism against the Jewish people.

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