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Published on Dec 07, 2016 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Phyllis Chesler

It's That Time Of Year Again When I Throw Myself On Your Mercy And Appeal For Funding

Dear Reader:

Thank you for all your support and feedback. Here's what you've helped me accomplish.

In 2016, I published 37 articles, or between 3 and 4 articles every month. These articles were widely read and shared. Based on comments, emails, cross-postings, and the number of readers at the venues where I publish, I estimate that, since 2004, many millions of people read my work every year.

The New York Post has an average online readership of 26.6 million per month; FOX News has an average of 42 million unique visitors every month. This means that I am flying our colors, so to speak, in mass readership venues. Middle East Quarterly, FrontPage Magazine and Israel National News have a preselected readership and publish others in whose company I am proud to be counted e.g. Manfred Gerstenfeld, Carolyn Glick, Daniel Greenfield, Efraim Karsh, Mordechai Kedar, Eugene Kontorovich, Giulio Meotti, Daniel Pipes, etc.

I also completed a new book which I am currently editing while I continue to work on my fifth study about honor killing which will be published by Middle East Quarterly.

Very exciting news: I am also working on a two volume edition of my Collected Writings about Honor-Based Violence by an academic press.

As you know, I am not on staff at a university or a think tank; but I do maintain my own not-for-profit organization. I take no salary but my operating expenses are high: A research assistant, an IT team, the cost of office supplies, hardware and software, etc.

I am turning to you--my faithful reader. If my work has found favor in your eyes, please partner with me by making a donation either through Paypal or by writing a tax-exempt check c/o Bender and Rosenthal 451 Park Avenue South NYC 10016 Eighth floor.

Thank you for your generosity.



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