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Published on Nov 25, 2013 by Phyllis Chesler

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It's That Time of Year Again: My Annual Fundraising Appeal

Dear Reader, Dear Supporter, Dear Colleague:

Fond greetings! Here is a summary of my 2013 work and my intended plans for 2014. I hope and pray that this will encourage you to donate to my not-for-profit organization, The Phyllis Chesler Organization. If my work continues to find favor in your eyes, please open your hearts and wallets and become a partner in the work that I do.

Know that I take no salary. However, I must subsidize an office, a research assistant, webmaster, IT team, office supplies, the endless replacement of the now-indispensable technological devices, book-related expenses, including travel and a publicist—which all add up; without all and any of this I would not be able to function as a thinker, researcher, and commentator.

A private philanthropist and the Middle East Forum Education Fund have committed to fund a bit more than 50% of my $110K annual operating costs. I am hereby humbly and hopefully requesting whatever you can donate towards this shortfall of $50K.


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