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Published on Jan 15, 2014 by Phyllis Chesler

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I Won the National Jewish Book Award!

I am blessed, anointed, my cup runneth over...and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. This award is in the category of Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir.

I am among some other very honorable winners (Hasia Diner, Matti Friedman, Moshe Halbertal, Yossi Klein Halevi, Amoz Oz, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Avi Shavit, Michal Smart and Barbara Ashkenas) and among some very honorable finalists (Jeremy Dauber, Bonna Devora Haberman, Jonathan Kirsch, Rebecca Miller, and Alvin H. Rosenfeld).

On March 5th, at the Center for Jewish History in NYC, there will be an award ceremony which is open to the public. Please join me. I will be thanking so many people: publishing world geniuses, relatives, friends, and my philanthropic supporters who have made so much possible.

Please rejoice with me.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of my "coming out" as a literary figure, not only as a scholar and activist. I love writing. I have never met a blank page that I could not fill at the instant. It is a gift, a talent, a blessing. It is also a taskmaster. I write every day. I used to say that in case inspiration wanted to strike, it would have to know exactly where to find me. And there I have been: at first, pen in hand, supplanted by a Selectric typewriter that I loved (it was red), supplanted by a computer keyboard.

I sometimes fear that in the future, children will be led through museums in which books are kept in glass cases. They will be told that "this was the way people used to access information."

I used to love the smell of printer's ink. I love leather-bound, gold embossed volumes. I even love paperback books. I suppose that when Gutenberg invented his printing press, someone like me might have said: "What? No privately printed, utterly unique, specially illustrated manuscripts? Just the same plain flat books for everyone?"

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