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Published on Aug 12, 2011 by Phyllis Chesler

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Going to the Country, Where I'm Gonna Be Resting

A Personal Note to my Readers

I may not be writing any articles until September because, as of tomorrow, I leave for a vacation. I plan to practice "not working." I may not be capable of this—but if I must, I hope to do my reading and writing outdoors, under the high, blue heavens with a view of a mountain peak or two.

We live in Orwellian and apocalyptic times, My vision, and the themes that I first began writing about in 2001, (anti-Semitism, Islamic gender and religious apartheid, the global demonization of Israel, hate speech=free speech, jihad rising, etc.), have continued to gain momentum.

Others are now saying what only I was saying back in 2001-2004. This is a good thing—except some are vulgar amateurs and hysterics; some mostly crave attention and money. Some are dangerous racists and they come in all colors and faiths and in both genders. Others still have high standards but are now reduced to repeating themselves incessantly, spinning their every wheel. Still others insist on reinventing the wheel. Increasingly, a small cadre of Israel and anti-jihad advocates are brilliant at putting out fires.

But, we are still unable to prevent the fires from breaking out. Except for the failed flotilla and other unknown missions, we pundits have not successfully engaged in large pre-emptive actions. As I said last year, we need the equivalent of a stuxnet virus to deal with the propaganda wars on the internet. We do not have that nor have we breached the walls of the mainstream media. On the contrary. Now Al Jazeera has opened in English on the Time Warner airwaves. I have watched several programs. They were good: interesting, well done. How soon before the filth begins? We shall see. Maybe it won't, maybe their era of Big Lies is finally over.

And then there is the potential Holocaust ever-poised to engulf Israel. Now, the excellent Guilio Meotti has joined me in this "madness." Some Jews and many more Christians have seen this tragic possibility, most have not.

This summer I also published the 25th anniversary edition of Mothers on Trial. The Battle for Children and Custody with eight new chapters. It remains a classic work, and I have now brought it into the 21st century. Already, I am overwhelmed by letters from mothers who are undergoing what I call "legal torture" and whose precious children are at serious risk. (Yes, good fathers are also discriminated against by the same system; however, violent husbands and abusive fathers still manage to use the legal system to turn the screws even tighter against their own families).

Thus, my work continues to straddle both sides of the aisle. This should be rewarded. In our world, it is punished and held suspect.

This is also the year in which I had major spinal surgery. It was totally successful, my surgeon is a genius at what he does. Thus, I am no longer in constant agony or extreme pain. This is a great blessing. My recovery will be a long and uphill road but it is one that I am eager to travel.

Enjoy the rest of August. You will be hearing from me upon my return.

All best,


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