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Published on Jun 01, 2009 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

"Close Gitmo, Re-Open Auschwitz" and Other Brazen Signs at the Israel Day Parade

The good news: There were no ugly shouting matches or violent confrontations, no cars set on fire, no known bomb threats, no bombs, no arrests.

I am talking about the Israel Day Parade, a celebration of Israel's 61st birthday, which drew an estimated 10,000 or more marchers and perhaps 25,000 onlookers.

The bad news: Kidnapped Israeli soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit was not among them. His father was—and Noam Shalit made a passionate plea on behalf of his son. The Red Cross has not been allowed to see Cpl. Shalit, who was captured nearly three years ago by Hamas. No left-progressive organization has demanded that Shalit be treated according to the Geneva Convention, (they reserve that demand for captured Islamist warriors)—thus, absolutely no one has visited him or checked on his condition; the Israeli government did not shut Gaza down until Shalit is returned: alive or, God forbid, in a coffin, just like Goldwasser and Regev, two other kidnapped Israeli soldiers. The American government has not demanded Red cross visits on Shalit's behalf, nor have they even mentioned his release.

The sign about re-opening Auschwitz was held by a perpetually smiling, bearded man. He seemed as smug and happy with himself as did the well-fed, well-groomed members of Neturi Karta who take money from Amadinejad to protest the state of Israel.


My friend and colleague, Fern Sidman, covered the march for me. The photos, below, were taken by her. She reminds me that the March was also a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the city of Tel Aviv. Sidman writes:

" Cpl Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and according to information provided by intrepid Middle East correspondent, Aaron Klein, in his new book entitled, The Late Great State of Israel, Cpl Shalit may have been held at the Hamas stronghold in Gaza known as the Islamic University. Wearing t-shirts and sporting buttons saying, "Have you seen Gilad Shalit" and "Bring Gilad Shalit Home" Jews and other supporters of Israel gathered in Central Park for the Israel Day concert that was held in tribute of Gilad Shalit. At this event, Noam Shalit addressed the audience of thousands appealing to them to never give up hope of having Gilad released and to continue their zealous campaign of petitioning the Israeli government to continue it's efforts to seek his safe return."


Also in the bad news department: Although the protestors were very few in number, (and the police plentiful), some of the protest signs were exceptionally vicious. I suggest that we take such signs seriously. They signify a coarsening of the atmosphere, a more brazen posture that not only means to intimidate but which actually intends to carry out the acts their signs depict.

Yes, racism exists, both among white folk and among peoples of color but Islamist martyrs of all colors do not plan to stop coming our way anytime soon. And, "color" has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism and other death cults. As I've written many times: Appeasement will not work. We don't have enough money to keep bribing the villains. The Pakistani government has finally understood that the Taliban cannot be appeased, that they must be fought house to house, in tunnels, in hand to hand combat, and only by sacrificing many Pakistani soliders' lives.

Here are some of the signs you will see below:

"May God Send the Mushroom Cloud From the Sky"—which depicts a nuclear explosion over a Jewish star.

"My name is Shiri Negari and I would like to march in this parade too but I was murdered by Hamas when they blew up the bus I was riding in." www.shiri.us

The Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam positioned themselves right opposite the protestors. I rather like their signs which read: "Israel, Canary in the Radical Islamic Coal Mine;" "Defeat Radical Islam," etc.


Here is a link to a YouTube video of the march.

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