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Posted in: Anti-Semitism, Jihad & Terrorism

Published on Nov 22, 2014 by Todd Beamon

Published by Newsmax

Author Phyllis Chesler: Obama 'Seems to be Siding With the Jihadists'

The United States can never defeat the Islamic State and other terrorist groups until President Barack Obama realizes "that war has been declared against us," author Phyllis Chesler said on Saturday.

"It's an Islamic fundamentalist war," Chesler, a fellow at the Middle East Forum, told former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on his Fox News program. "These are people who want to take the world back to the 7th century. It's a religious war.

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"We can't do anything until we acknowledge this," she said. "There's a perfect storm of politically correct intellectuals in the West and fundamental Islamists."
Chesler, whose latest book is "The New Anti-Semitism," told Huckabee that Obama "doesn't seem to get that the war of the 21st century is between barbarism and civilization.

"We have a Judeo-Christian tradition and a European-enlightenment tradition that he is tossing under the bus because he seems to be siding with the jihadists."

She noted yet another possible extension in the nuclear talks with Iran, charging that Tehran "is not only not America's friend, but has serious intentions of exterminating the Jews in Israel, America's most stable ally."

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Citing this week's murder of four rabbis by Hamas militants while praying in a Jerusalem synagogue, Chesler told Huckabee, "We don't understand that we are opening the doors to barbarians suicidally and that Israel is taking it on the chin and is the symbol in that region for Western civilization.
"It's a false belief that you can reason with the devil," she added. "It's an absolutely wrong-headed desire to negotiate with ISIS, with Boko Haram or Iran — because they all have a similar ideology.

"What I am afraid of is that ISIS and all the wannabees are getting us used to blood in the streets, getting us used to pogroms in synagogues, with meat cleavers and axes — and this must be denounced and stopped."

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