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Posted in: Letters To Readers

Published on Oct 21, 2009 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Attacked by Viral Marketing!

Viruses are in the air. They are in my body and a course of antibiotics will hopefully cure me–but a virus is also in my computer!

Did I infect my own computer?

No, it is not possible to transfer human viruses to machines; at least, not yet. My computer genius, Mitchell Price, tells me that "Malware has destroyed my computer!" This means that a "company has made a false anti-virus application" and then swooped right in ostensibly to protect me from their own spyware.

For a fee, they offered to correct the problem that they themselves had caused. I refused to ransom my computer and so they ruined my hard drive, just hijacked it.

This can happen to anyone of us. As yet, there is no protection against it. Rather, the only protection against it is to never go on the internet. Mitchell advises us all to be "very careful of links that we may in good conscience, click. They may have a bug or a virus."

Thus, friends and readers: I have a fever and am in bed with one kind of virus (surrounded by lots of tea, soup, and meds) and my sympathetic computer is awaiting her own specialist this evening who will get rid of one hard drive and replace it with another.

Yep. The whole system has to go. Nothing is lost. Except time and money.

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