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Published on Oct 06, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Another Kind of Terrorism: An Honor Killer On The FBI's Most Wanted List

It's official now. Over the weekend, the FBI finally added Yaser Abdul Said to its Most Wanted List for the 'Muslim Honor Killing' Of His Daughters. Bill Warner, who is apparently an FBI Florida based consultant, is the one who defines it as a Muslim honor killing.

I suppose that Warner and perhaps even the FBI will be condemned as "Islamophobes" and "racists" for telling the truth.

When I went to investigator Bill Warner's site I found myself face to face with…myself! Warner links to that portion of the Fox documentary about honor killings in America Murder in the Family. Honor Killings in America where I am speaking. It's a very good documentary and may be purchased HERE.

I've written about this case many times over the last nine months. Said is the human monster who killed his own two daughters, Sarah and Amina, in cold blood, because they refused to marry Egyptian men in arranged marriages, were altogether too American, had ambitious college plans and Christian friends, boys as well as girls.

I wonder why it has taken the FBI this long to add Said? And why they have done so now? But I also wonder when they will also arrest the girls' mother, Tissy (Patricia) Said, as the accomplice who lured them to their deaths?

According to my interviewee Gail Gartrell, who is the great-aunt of the murdered girls, after Yaser disappeared, Tissy played the part of the victim, collected money from the girls' schoolmates and their families, but remained close to Yaser's extended family. Then, most improbably, Tissy developed an Iraqi male "protector" with whom she eventually fled to Dearborn, a radical-jihadic suburb of Detroit. According to Gartrell, the Iraqi stole money from some local Dallas Muslims (he presumably bought a car but never got around to paying for it, held up a store, etc.) after which he had to get out of town in a hurry. Tissy went with him without a backward glance. Her various relatives have described her as "dim witted and dumb-assed but not as mentally retarded or mentally ill."

When Connie Moggio, the girls' aunt, called and told Tissy that she would list her as a missing person if she did not hear from her, Tissy called real fast. Her story: She left the Iraqi because he was mistreating her and joined forced with another Muslim women who has just left her abusive husband.

This tragic story is peopled by an unsavory cast of characters: Drifters, grifters, gamblers, illegal gun-toters, violent wheeler-dealers who know how to move from town to town and how to get out of town or out of the country–in short, how to stay one step ahead of the law.

I have faith in the FBI. If Yaser is still in the United States, they will find him. And, if he has fled back to Egypt–maybe it is time for the United States to hunt him down abroad and/or demand his extradition. He is also a terrorist, just another kind.

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