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Posted in: Feminism, Gender, Psychology & Law

Published on Jan 22, 2021 by AM Northwest

Published by KATU-TV

AM Northwest, "Requiem for a Female Serial Killer"

What makes a woman kill? Are the reasons different than for a man? Phyllis Chesler, author of the new book Requiem for a Serial Killer, joined us to share a new perspective on the life of Aileen Wuornos.

The book takes readers inside the mind of a female serial killer, a prostitute and lesbian who murdered seven adult men in Florida. Women, even prostitutes, have the right to self-defense in theory, but the reality is far more complicated. This book challenges everything anyone has ever thought about prostitutes, serial killers, and justice in America. Aileen Wuornos was a damaged soul, a symbol of what can happen to severely abused children, a genuine American outlaw, a symbol of how our justice system fails women.

Chesler was intimately involved in this high-profile criminal case and its issues remain unresolved to this day. Her involvement continues to haunt her. In the book, she speaks in Aileen Wuornos' voice, as well as in her own, and delivers an incisive, original, and dramatic portrait of a cognitively impaired, traumatized, and alcoholic woman who endured so much pain in her short life. When Wuornos had had enough, the results were deadly.


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