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Posted in: Culture Wars & Censorship

Published on Nov 05, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Jewcy

About Last Night...

Obama ran a brilliant campaign which "spoke" to the people in 21st century terms. He fused technology, symbol, and oratory, seamlessly joined television entertainment, internet advertising, celebrity culture, infommercials, with community organizing and private and spectacular levels of fundraising. Some level of thuggery on the part of his supporters has been alleged. Through it all, Obama maintained a manfully stoic composure. He was sometimes amused, sometimes angry, always...distant, always ready for his close-up. All future political campaigns in America will require a similar choreography, a simultaneity of forces.

As I wrote this I realized that only suicide/homicide bombers have perfected the deadly art of simultaneous, choreographed attacks, a kind of anti-life death art. I hope and I pray that President Obama is as effective in preventing such attacks and in outwitting the attackers as he was in running his two year Presidential campaign.

But here's one more thing that troubles me. People really believe that a mere mortal, a mere politician, will Solve it All, deliver on his every promise, perform the impossible, walk on water. No one is realistic.

As we now know, Hamas greeted President Obama's victory by launching a barrage of rockets towards civilian Israel. I wonder how President Obama will deal with Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran and all those extremely Bad Guys.

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